LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8/13/2013

By , June 10, 2013 3:15 pm

Attendees: Kim Ositis (President), Jennifer Hill (Past President), Philippe Cloutier (Vice President/President Elect), Laurel Evans (Treasurer), Bret Masterson (Secretary).

Location: Lane Powell, Seattle, Washington.

Time: The meeting was called to order by President Kim Ositis at 1:05 p.m.

The minutes of the 4/4/13 Executive Board meeting were approved by consensus.

The following items were discussed:

1. LLOPS Financial Matters

Past LLOPS Treasurer Stephanie Wilson has been unavailable recently, which has delayed the transition of some treasurer functions from Stephanie to Laurel. The Board will delay discussions of the next LLOPS budget until Stephanie returns. The Board approved a motion to authorize Jennifer Hill, Kim Ositis, and Laurel Evans as signatories for the LLOPS checking account.

2. Committees

The Board discussed whether to continue the current activities of the LLOPS Social Committee. It was decided that no changes will be made for the time being, subject to the willingness of Social Committee Chair Mort Brinkman to continue to organize social events. The Board granted Kim’s request to establish a special committee to run for one year, the Special Committee for Membership Management, which will be tasked with evaluating potential solutions for moving membership information and dues payments to a web-based system. The Special Committee will have the goal of recommending a specific solution by June 2014.

3. LLOPS Holiday Party 2013

The Board agreed on December 12 as a tentative date for this year’s Holiday Party. Philippe will begin exploring funding and venue options.

4. iSchool Liaison Position

The Board discussed the possibility of changing the term of the LLOPS iSchool Liaison position from two years to one year. It was suggested that such a change could make the position more attractive to students in the iSchool’s law librarianship program, which only lasts for one year. The Board agreed to add this to a list of potential changes to the LLOPS bylaws to be considered at a later date.

5. Professional Development Workshop

The Board agreed that we would like to hold a professional development workshop this year. However, no one has yet volunteered to chair the Professional Development Committee. Kim suggested, and the Board agreed, that we should not move forward with a professional development workshop this year if we do not have a Professional Development Committee chair in place by October 1.

6. AALL Chapter Visit

The Board agreed to request a visit from a member of the AALL leadership in May 2014.

7. LLOPS Mailbox

Stephanie Wilson will continue to retrieve mail from the LLOPS mailbox until the treasurer transition to Laurel is complete.

8. Required Annual Report

Kim reminded everyone that LLOPS must file a nonprofit corporation report with the Washington Secretary of State by March 2014. Jennifer indicated that the reporting form is rather simple and does not take much time to complete. Jennifer also confirmed that she submitted the chapter annual report to AALL the previous week. Kim will check with Stephanie regarding the status of the chapter’s 990-N filing.

9. Blog v. Discussion Group Postings and Recommendations from the Website/Blog Committee re: LLOPSCited Newsletter

Kim reported that the Website/Blog Committee has proposed to revive the LLOPSCited newsletter and presented the Board with a mockup of the newsletter. The newsletter would be emailed to members quarterly; it would not be posted on the blog, except perhaps in a members-only area. Kim will request that the Website/Blog Committee update their committee charge to add the newsletter to their committee responsibilities, and that they draft a policy to delineate what content is appropriate for the website (which is accessible to non-members) and what content should be limited to the newsletter, discussion group postings, and other members-only communication. The Board approved a motion to publish electronically-distributed issues of the newsletter for one year, subject to evaluation by the Board in June 2014 of whether to continue beyond that time, and to charge the Website/Blog Committee to draft a new policy on where various types of member communications should be published.

6. Other Business

Kim reported that AALL is offering various virtual training opportunities in October.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Bret Masterson, Secretary.


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