LLOPS election bylaw guidelines

LLOPS Election

1. The Committee is responsible for an electronic ballot and e-mailing access to the ballot to the membership at least 60 days prior to the June business meeting. The electronic ballot should include the names of all candidates nominated by the Nominations and Elections Committee and/or by member petition. Electronic voting should close 30 days before the June business meeting. The Nominations and Elections Committee tabulates the results and reports the names of the new officers to the Chapter. Following the reporting of the election results the Committee destroys the electronic voting results.

2. The Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for informing the membership about nomination by petition. Additional nominations may be made by any LLOPS member in good standing by submitting in writing such a nomination to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee. The nomination has to be endorsed by the signatures of at least five percent of the Chapter’s members in good standing, and submitted at least 75 days prior to the June business meeting.

3. The Committee requests each candidate to submit a brief biographical article to be sent to the voting membership along with the announcement of the candidates and printed in  LLOPScited.

4. The Committee Chair is responsible for notifying AALL of the newly elected LLOPS officers. The Chair should also submit a brief article to the current President summing up the work of the Committee for the past year.  The article is also published in LLOPScited.

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