LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 6/26/2013

By , June 10, 2013 3:06 pm

Attendees: Brenna Louzin, Dana Gaddy, Susan Bocek, Barbara Rothwell, Erin Hoffrance, Amy Eaton, Tina Ching, Barbara Holt, Mort Brinchmann, Laurel Evans, Philippe Cloutier, Karen Helde, Susan Rau, Crystal Sherman Norton, Jennifer Hill, Stephanie Wilson, Kim Ositis, Jill Allyn, Eli Edwards

Where: Keller Rohrback L.L.P., 1201 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA

Time: The business meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Hill at 12:10 p.m.

The meeting opened with announcements:

  1. Jennifer Hill reminded members to RSVP for the Pacific Chapters Joint Reception that will be held during the AALL conference in Seattle.
  2. Tina Ching on behalf of herself and Rita Dermody thanked everyone for their help, supporting and volunteering for the upcoming AALL annual meeting.
  3. Kim Ositis asked for more input on the Doodle poll regarding staffing the LLOPS activity table at the annual meeting.

Committee reports were given. (Full committee reports are filed by committee chairs and posted on the LLOPS blog):

  1. Treasurer: Stephanie Wilson gave the report including assets, vendor contributions and membership contributions and grants awarded.
  2. By-laws: Rick Stroup sent a report via email to say the committee was not active.
  3. Employment: Karen Helde gave the report.
  4. Government Relations: Sherry Leysen & Anna Endter submitted report via email.
  5. Grants: Erin Hoffrance reported that $2500 in grants were awarded to 8 members.
  6. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported that membership is steady.
  7. Blog: Grace Feldman sent a report via email to say that the blog received 7,199 visits 60% of those are new visiters.
  8. Nominations/Elections: Karen Helde reports a successful election of a new Vice President/President Elect and Treasurer.
  9. Program: Brenna Louzin reports that the committee is in search of more volunteers.
  10. Salary Survey: Christy Leith submitted report via email
  11. Social: Mort Brinchmann reported the social events were not as well attended as hoped.
  12. iSchool Liaison: Tal Noznisky submitted report via email.
  13. Website: Kim Ositis reports that she would like to continue to update committee chairs on how to use WordPress and talk with the Board about what goes on the list-serv and what goes on the blog.

Outgoing President Jennifer Hill present the President’s Award to Karen Helde.

New officers:

  • Kim Ositis – President
  • Laurel Evans – Treasurer
  • Philippe Cloutier – Vice President/President Elect.

Incoming President Kim Ositis assumed her duties and stated her goals as President are:

    1. Form a 1 year Special Committee to research online membership management tools.
    2. Research any AALL suggestions for checks and balances to make sure LLOPS is doing everything correctly.

The meeting was adjourned by new President Kim Ositis at 12:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Erin Hoffrance


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