Consider the Lobster Roll

By , August 16, 2012 1:38 pm

by Kristine Lloyd

Photo Credit: Thomaston Public Library

After a series of minor funding and accommodations miracles, I learned in June that I would be going to the annual meeting. I was thrilled, and of course, the first order of business was wardrobing. Yes, I packed a month’s worth of attire in my steamer trunk for a mere few days, but one never knows what sartorial mood will strike. I hadn’t attended a conference since 2007 in New Orleans, and this time I was attending as the PLL Secretary. Surely, once landed in Boston there would be a driver awaiting my arrival with an official Madame Secretary placard and a limo with champagne ready to whisk me away to the meeting.

Alas, there was no official welcome wagon, but I made my way successfully to the hotel and enjoyed a lovely PLL Summit opening reception at The Harvard Club that evening.

Day 1: On Saturday, bedecked in my comfortable but fashionable green sandals with matching toe polish, I participated in CONELL as a committee member. Despite the official CONELL t-shirt covering my lovely green blouse, the conference was a wonderful success. It’s so energizing to meet new and eager law librarians. And I’m not going to lie: blowing the whistle during speed networking was a total power trip.

Day 2: Sunday was mostly full of sessions. I attended a storytelling session that likened promoting your library to a Sacred Pawnee Bundle. Frankly, that was a bit much for my taste.

At the PLL luncheon, I was seated on the dais with the rest of the PLL officers. Try eating a salad with greens sticking out the side of your mouth before a roomful of your colleagues. I also had to be careful not to roll my eyes when the speaker made a corny joke.

The most interesting session I attended was in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the title was a real yawner: Driving Utilization and Firm Profitability Through Resource Customization, but the program itself was outstanding. Emily Florio at Fish & Richardson is working on some interesting library services for clients via their extranet. The most fascinating portion of the session was listening to Gina Lynch describe the intranet overhaul project that she and her library team are spearheading at Bingham McCutchen. Imagine your library taking charge of the content and architecture of your firm’s intranet. The dashboards they created were highly customized. Attorneys can view all kinds of details about their current billing statistics and top clients. Staff members have personalized HR and Benefits information at their fingertips. Everyone but the guy snoring behind me was riveted.

Day 3: I spent much of my third day perusing the exhibit hall and attending a couple of sessions better suited to academic than private law librarians. The educational programs highlighted for me the continental divide between law firm and academic librarians. Interestingly though, I was asked repeatedly by academic librarians how they can better prepare associates for law firm life. While not all programs are suited to a combined panel of academic and law firm librarians, I would like to see more of these types of programs. I think we have much to learn from one another but often don’t know how to start the conversation. I’m hoping to see more programs next year with panels of speakers from different backgrounds.

I finished my evening with what I had been craving all weekend: the infamous lobster roll. My lobster roll did not disappoint, nor did one of my dining companions who donned the bib and decimated an entire lobster.

Day 4: Although I left early on Day 4, I felt like I enjoyed a well-rounded annual meeting. I am excited to see the meeting coming back to Seattle next year, and I know we will show our colleagues a really great time. I’m thinking of forming a Margarita Caucus.

2 Responses to “Consider the Lobster Roll”

  1. Barbara Holt says:

    I saw you at lunch and either the greens matched your attire perfectly, or you were surprisingly tidy! See you at the Margarita Caucus.

  2. Tina says:

    I see a Seattle Margarita guide in your future!

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