File Under Indomitable Spirit

By , November 28, 2011 2:02 pm

by Brenna Louzin

Did you read the one about the comedian/librarian, Meredith Myers? It seems that Ms. Myers, a former publicist-turned-comedian-turned-librarian, was looking for ways to gain library experience and signed up to do some volunteer work fundraising for the West Hollywood branch of the L.A. County Public Library.  Since the newly minted librarian was unable to find a library job, she offered to promote literacy and libraries while perfecting her comedy routine, Too bad, her career plans back-fired.

Myers was ready to volunteer at the new library branch when she was offered a job there as a temporary library page at $9.25 an hour. She had just begun her page gig when a couple of columnists from the Los Angeles Times learned about Myers and her plans to staff the West Hollywood Book Fair. The Times staff wanted to interview her about her comedian/librarian pursuits, however, supervisors from the county library informed her that she could be interviewed, but was forbidden to say she was a page at the West Hollywood branch.

In the end, Meredith Myers lost her job as a library page, but she ended up donating her first and only paycheck to the West Hollywood Library fund.

What sort of career advice do you have for Meredith Myers?

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