President’s Message

By , November 22, 2011 1:38 pm

by Crystal Sherman Norton

At a recent Kitsap Medical Society charitable event, I had the good luck to be seated next to an emergency room physician from Harrison Medical Center.  I’d met him a few months earlier in the year when we took him, his wife, and several of his close friends out on his birthday cruise on Dye’s Inlet.  (I never did catch just which birthday it was we were celebrating, as I kept busy pouring wine and serving hors d’oeuvres.) Trying to think of something to say at the gala, I resisted my first urge to come right out and ask how old he was (he looks very young), but instead asked how everything has been since I’d seen him last, on his birthday cruise.  After several glasses of wine (for both), it was easy to ask as a follow-up question, “So, was that a significant birthday?”  He hesitated for split second then told me how old he was. Then I told him that we are the same age (true).  He looked reflective for a moment then quipped, “That went fast, didn’t it!”  I had to smile wryly and agree.  Where did all those years go?

This year is going by pretty quickly; especially in LLOPS years (kinda like dog years).  I’ve heard it said and have found it to be true that the older you are, the more quickly time passes.  I think this is the President’s Message where I’m supposed to say “Wow! Thanksgiving is here already, with more holidays just around the corner!  Where did the year go?”  But I promised you all that if I were elected, I would not write long articles so I won’t.

I’ve been spending most of my “free” time lately budgeting for 2012, as I imagine many of you are.  In a way it’s nice to have a few days off over the Thanksgiving weekend to do a little catch-up; or not.

On another note, thanks very much to Jennifer Hill, Monica Heffernan, Christy Leith, and Thomson/Reuters Librarian Relations for working out the details on our LLOPS Holiday Party, being held Thursday, December 8th from 5:00 to 7:00 at Davis Wright Tremaine.  Please RSVP to Heather Heen (, our Library Relations Manager, by Monday, December 5th.

Whatever you do (or did) over the long weekend, I hope you have at least some fun!


The Prez.

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