Oh Sexy Guybrarian

By , October 20, 2011 8:34 am

by Kristine Lloyd

Librarians are sexy. The bun, the glasses—all items that can be removed and let down in a Victorian-esque style worthy of a romance novel with flowing-maned Fabio on the cover. But what about guybrarians? Unless they’re sporting a mullet or long locks, they can’t exactly do the bun thing. But a group of sexy dude librarians are proving that the librarian sex appeal doesn’t just apply to women. The 2012 Men of the Stacks calendar  is getting all kinds of attention, and with one hottie wearing nothing but a book, poised precariously like Adam’s leaf, it’s not surprising. These guys decided to produce the calendar to dispel the stereotype that all librarians are women. I can tell you that instead of my annual firefighter calendar, I’ll be ogling the Men of the Stacks each month of 2012.

One Response to “Oh Sexy Guybrarian”

  1. Robyn says:

    I question whether the nearly naked hunk of hottness is really a librarian. It doesn’t say anywhere where he works. Is that so I won’t stalk him?

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