Roller Girl

By , April 19, 2011 3:24 pm

by Karen Helde

Everett librarian Kate Mossman has something almost better than a superhero alter ego. She has a roller derby alter ego. As captain of the Camaro Harem, Kate skates under the name “unshine” and wears the Dewey Decimal number for solar eclipse (523.78) on her jersey. Kate’s story appeared in the Everett Herald a couple weeks ago. Despite her lack of previous skating experience, after four years in the rink, Kate has become a force to reckon with. “She’s fast, accurate, a hard hitter,” says teammate Candi Edwards (a nurse who skates as “Greta Gurney”). “She brings out the best in us.” During the day, Kate spends her time supervising librarians and working at the reference desk at the Everett Public Library. Despite being reticent about her roller derby life at work, she’s developed a number of library followers. Want to join them? You can see the Camaro Harem face off against the Pink Pistols Saturday, May 7 at Everett Community College.

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