Librarians to the Rescue: Dawn Kendrick Gibb Mentioned on NPR

By , April 15, 2011 4:53 pm

by Barbara Holt

I was enjoying an interview on KUOW’s Weekday program this morning when, much to my surprise, the interviewee started talking about how a Washington State Law Library librarian directed him to the story that inspired his latest book. Richard Kluger, a Pulitzer prize winning author, was looking for a good topic for a social history based in Washington, and he was fortunate to pose his question to Dawn Kendrick Gibb. In the interview, he really made a point of crediting Dawn for helping him to identify the story that inspired him to write his new book, The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek.

I emailed Dawn, who told me, “I met Dick several times while he was researching other books. A couple years ago he was looking for the topic for a new book. I told him about the Leschi trial and what the Supreme Court was doing about it. I suggested he look more in depth at the case. He did, and the rest is history. He talks about our conversation in the forward of the book. And Dick spoke with then Chief Justice Gerry Alexander to get the skinny on the case. He and his wife are very nice and down to earth people. I enjoy talking with them when they come through.”

Once again, proof that Law Librarians Rock!

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