A Shag in the Stacks

By , November 15, 2010 7:40 pm

And who said libraries were all about reading? Apparently, besides studying, coffee-drinking and socializing, frolicking in your tighty-whities is another activity that can be added to the list thanks to Diesel’s recent ad showing a couple of models in the brand’s lingerie, fondling in a pile of books. For some reason, the dean of Brooklyn Law School is not happy over the ads, after having agreed to rent their space to the company for what they assumed would be a jeans ad. Hopefully the Brooklyn Law spokeswoman who was supervising the shoot can find a new job with Diesel.

One Response to “A Shag in the Stacks”

  1. Dianne George says:

    If you with your young eyes need reading glasses to use the new Lexis, what are those of us who already needed them going to do? Ramp up that magnification factor? What were they thinking?

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