New Lexis Interface: Get Reading Glasses

By , November 16, 2010 1:34 pm

by Kristine Lloyd

As a librarian, I actively try to avoid succumbing to any of the stereotypes out there, you know, the sensible shoes, calf-length skirts, support hose and elaborate bun, so I resist the notion of getting reading glasses. Thankfully, I don’t need them quite yet, but I may sooner rather than later thanks to Lexis’ new interface. What size is that font? 6 point?

Lexis has also changed their colors. We all need a little change now and then, perhaps a new “color analysis,” and the red, tan and black scheme was getting pretty tired. The new color palette, primarily red, blue and white is much more patriotic, but the vast white spaces make the minuscule font even harder to read.

What sounded earlier in the year like a major upgrade to rival WestlawNext turned into a simple makeover. Apparently the real overhaul, with federated searching similar to WestlawNext, will happen in early 2011.

Lexis’ real investment this year has been their new Lexis for Microsoft Office product, which admittedly is pretty cool, but if you think you have issues with exorbitant bills now, just think what will happen once access to research is one-click away from any MS application via a Google-like search box (oops, except they’re using Bing). No wonder Lexis isn’t charging anything extra for this new product. The federated searches that are available on Lexis for Microsoft Office and will be available on the New Lexis system remind me of tools like Company Dossier which tempt you with one-click access to lots of information, but instead turn up a lot of inaccurate results, making it much more difficult to wade through the sea of junk to find the nugget of goodness. Having previewed but not partaken of the fruits of WestlawNext, I am curious about both new platforms and how successful they will be at getting users to the best results. If Google can do it, perhaps Westlaw and Lexis can too. Meanwhile, I’ll be shopping for a funky pair of reading glasses, beaded chain optional, so I can continue using Lexis.

4 Responses to “New Lexis Interface: Get Reading Glasses”

  1. Crystal says:

    My advice, Kristine? Get the chain from the start. Otherwise you’ll be taking them on and off all day. If you get a nice-looking chain, it actually doubles as jewelry.

  2. Dianne George says:

    See my comments to A Shag in the Stacks – see what can happen with poor eyesight!

  3. Erin H. says:

    I would like a beaded chain with tiled letters spelling LLOPS.

  4. Jennifer Hill says:

    I like the new Lexis interface. I don’t find it difficult to see and I like that it all fits on my monitor so I don’t have to scroll up and down to see all that’s there. I also like the Quick Tools and other boxes they added.

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