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By , March 29, 2010 11:49 am

by Robyn Hagle

The daffodils and tulips and have been blooming for at least a few weeks now. But as a California girl, I’m always amazed how long it takes before it actually feels like Spring in Seattle. If I still lived in California, by this time I would have reorganized my closet so that warmer weather clothing was front and center, planted in the garden, mowed the lawn, gone for a hike in the mountains (without snow shoes), maybe even dipped my toes in the Pacific. After nearly 8 years in the Northwest, I still find it difficult to accept that things move on a different schedule here, such that by the time I actually need to reorganize my closet, it may already be June!

However, there are certain hallmarks in our LLOPS community that signify the arrival of Spring, regardless of the weather. The Professional Development Workshop will take place in late April this year. Once again, the planning committee for this event has impressed me by putting together a stellar program that is both current and fun. Our Grants Committee has taken creative budgeting to a new level and, as a result, two lucky grant recipients will attend the workshop free of charge! In addition, the Grants Committee will award two full registration grants to attend AALL in Denver.

With approval from the Executive Board, the special committee for the website redesign has been meeting to discuss changes to our website. At this stage, you can think of it as Spring cleaning. We’re deciding what content needs to remain on our new website and what can be archived. The actual look and feel of the new site is yet to be determined but, as an avid design fan and dedicated DIYer, I’m already excited about the possibilities.

Our AALL visitor will be here this week. Catherine Lemann is the current President of AALL and the State Law Librarian of Alaska. Kudos to our Program Committee who thought to plan a much-needed panel discussion (featuring Catherine as one of the speakers) on emergency preparedness for our March 31st meeting. Catherine’s experiences in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina will surely shed some light on what we can be doing to become more prepared for the unexpected. And what better time to discuss these issues than Spring when the urge to get things in order and start anew is strongest.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Spring Professional Development Workshop.

Until then,
Robyn Hagle

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