A Silk Purse out of a Practice Digest?

By , March 9, 2010 6:08 pm

 by Fred Hanson

Feeling virtuous that you are recycling the books you discard? Meet a firm librarian who has re-defined book recycling. Kathy Kelly once agonized about tossing the many books we all must pull off the shelves. Now she transforms outdated and unwanted law books into bags that sell for $125 to $350. Read how Kathy used a simple tool, not a lot of experience, but plenty of imagination to create a new product and go much further in recycling than most of us thought possible.

One Response to “A Silk Purse out of a Practice Digest?”

  1. Brenna Louzin says:

    Love it! I think Washington Reports or Marindale would look smart as bags.

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