You Be the Judge

By , February 23, 2010 1:22 pm

by Keith Pitts

You’ve heard of sports fanatics slavering over draft picks, reams of statistics, and, all for the benefit of their fantasy football, baseball, or basketball teams. But now, for you the legal research elite, above such antics, a new game’s in town: Fantasy SCOTUS. Yes, now you can “play like the 10th Justice.”

For each case granted cert, you (an “Associate Justice,” vying for the title of “Chief Justice of Fantasy SCOTUS,” and associated TBD swag) predict four things:

  • The final supportive stance of the court towards the lower court ruling
  • The judicial split
  • The members of the majority
  • The members of the minority (I don’t know how they deal with point-by-point support and dissension)

Each correct prediction nets you one point, with the split-prediction granting you three points. For teachers, students, and unemployed lawyers, joining is free; for governmental, NGO, NPO folks the fee is $5; all others: $10. However, the model is simple enough: couldn’t local AALL chapters join in the fun? A prize for each case, or a wandering trophy, given to a the winner of each decision prediction sounds a grand way to build some camaraderie (robes optional.)

Will this be the tipping point to popularizing civics among the masses? Will SCOTUS get a spot on “the deuce” (ESPN2)? Who knows. However, given the recent campaign finance opinion, we may start seeing our politicians branded at a professional sports level (e.g., NASCAR, soccer,) arguably a win for transparency. But, unlike in sports, adjudication and politicking stakes are real!

One Response to “You Be the Judge”

  1. Erin Hoffrance says:

    Love the article! So will anyone be participating??

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