Get Out the Defibrillator!

By , December 12, 2009 3:58 pm

‘Cause these blogs are dead or dying! I wanted to mention a really interesting post from one of my favorite law blogs, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. This recent post lists 73 out of 200 law firm blogs that have not been updated in more than a month. Some of our very own firms are on the list. Check out a few of the “dead” blogs on the list, and you’ll see why some just needed to be put to rest. The guys running Suits in the Workplace likely had the most fun coming up with their colorful post titles, that is, when they weren’t planting whoopee cushions on their secretary’s seat or taping Kick Me signs on the backs of new associates. Other firm blogs are just snoozers: Semiconductor Law Blog‘s final post begins with the word “mathematics.” I know some people are turned on by math, but it doesn’t make for the most riveting of reading material. Ranks right up there with a blog about orthodontia. What’s your favorite “living” law blog?

One Response to “Get Out the Defibrillator!”

  1. Keith Pitts says:

    It’s a stretch, but Stanley Fish “on education, law and society:”

    For personal consumption at least.

    For a more professional slant, the ol’ standby WSJ Lawblog:

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