LLOPS President’s Message, June 28, 2012

By , June 28, 2012 10:33 am

by Crystal Sherman Norton 

LLOPS President’s Message, June 28, 2012

Perhaps this should be entitled “Immediate Past President’s Message”, as Jennifer Hill assumed the title of LLOPS President June 27, at the LLOPS Business Meeting held at noon at Perkins Coie.  Still, I owe the membership one last message as LLOPS President, so here it is.

It was great to have served as President this past year.  At the meeting, I thanked many of you for your assistance this past year, serving on or chairing a LLOPS committee, providing me with input when requested, and for a few special accomplishments.  The winner of the President’s Award for Excellence went to Barbara Swatt Engstrom, for another year of planning and executing an excellent series of monthly programs.  Barbara also served on the Professional Development Workshop Committee, and was instrumental in both getting Ron Wheeler, our AALL Executive Board member, here for our Chapter Visit and planning a full day of activities, tours, and visits for Ron.  Barbara, you are indeed excellent!

I was pleased to present two special recognition awards this year to the following members:  1. Kristine Lloyd for her 2 years publishing and writing for the LLOPS Newsletter/Blog, and for continuing to contribute regularly to the blog for another year; and 2. Philippe Cloutier, for taking the baton from Kristine’s hand and running with it.  Many of you do not realize just how much work it is running the blog, writing for the blog, and trying to get others to contribute to it.  Thanks so much, Kristine and Philippe!

I feel as if I’ve entered the realm of Academy Awards speeches now, but please bear with me anyway for a few more “Thank Yous”.  Thanks for my fellow board members, who provided support this past year, including Mort Brinchmann and Judy Davis, who are rotating off the board, and to Stephanie Wilson who continues on another year as LLOPS Treasurer.  I could not have asked for a better V.P./Pres. Elect than Jennifer Hill.  She’ll prove to be a great leader this next year and beyond.

I’ve leaned on others, notably Amy Eaton and Christy Leith this past year, when I had questions about tradition or policy, and they came through for me every time.  I thanked each LLOPS Committee Chair who served this year and gave them each a token of my appreciation (Starbucks card).  To all: please volunteer to be on a committee this coming year – even chair one.  Getting volunteers is probably the hardest thing a LLOPS President must do.  We are a small chapter, so our membership is limited in size.  We must all help out in multiple ways in order to help the chapter grow and remain strong. We welcomed new LLOPS Executive Board members Kim Ositis (V.P./President Elect) and Bret Masterson, Secretary.  Congratulations to both of you upon your recent election to the E Board.

At the meeting Wednesday, we all learned that we have a plethora of musically-inclined individuals in our membership!  Quite impressive!  They run the gamut from those who play a musical instrument – or instruments – to those who sing, and those who “appreciate” the others who do.  I’m quite relieved knowing that if we were ever called upon to form a LLOPS Band, we’d be covered.

Well this column is long enough now, and I suspect many have quit reading it already.  Those who’ve made it to the end deserve extra credit – but sorry, no Starbucks card.  I continue to serve on the LLOPS E Board for one more year and look forward to doing so, with Jennifer Hill at the helm.

Best to you all,

Crystal Sherman Norton


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