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by Philippe Cloutier

The LexisNexis® Librarian Relations Group sponsors an annual program: Teaching Research in Private Law Libraries (TRIPLL). TRIPLL took place this past weekend, in Frisco, TX, and I was lucky enough to attend. TRIPLL’s history spans over 20 years; and past attendees often exclaim its merits and benefits to their careers. My experience was a three-day whirlwind. Here are some quick and dirty notes/outlines.

Our first day, Friday, laid down the groundwork and prepped our minds, diving into law firm dynamics, change, and the business outlook. We were then given a bigger picture, looking at law school operations, goals, and concerns.  Select questions arising on Friday: How do firm librarians fit into these models, how can we improve our services given the range of needs, and where do we go from here?

Saturday and Sunday helped answer these questions: building up confidence in our abilities, uncovering ways to expand our marketing targetings, and deconstructing the legal workplace around us. Firm librarians’ main goal is to serve their attorneys better, who in turn serve their clients better. This goal was analyzed under the the perspective of associates, partners, and the C-level. Evaluating our functions and libraries is no easy task but the final programs gave us the tools to begin this process.

TRIPLL offered innumerable takeaways.  Two that stand out are the personal connections between librarians and the opportunity to build stronger relationships within our firms and with our co-workers.


  • Friday, up at 3:00 AM to catch a 6:00 AM flight out of Seattle
    • Arrive in Frisco in-time for lunch and a start-time of 2:00 PM
    • Quick networking with other librarians followed by opening presentations
      • The Business of Law 2012
      • State of Legal Education: Moving the Next Generation of Lawyers from Theory to Practice
    • 6:00 PM – 7:00 time for a nap
    • 7:00 PM Reception and Dinner
      • More networking with librarians across the Country (and even Canada)
      • Two Coronas and time for bed
  • Saturday, up early for breakfast and the first 8:30 AM Session
    • Make Yourself Indispensible: Expand Your Personal Effectiveness, Awareness and Impact
    • Communication and Presentation Skills
      • Centered around dissolving public speaking barriers and fears
      • Prepared and gave a 5 minute talk to a small group
        • Critiqued and learned from the experience
    • Adult Learning Styles
      • Raised awareness regarding generational learning differences
      • Keys to ensuring that our presentations are engaging and meaningful
    • Self-Marketing 101
    • One hour evening break followed by reception and dinner
      • Casual librarian conversations, running  the gamut of topics and interests
  • Sunday, 8:30 AM
    • Proactive Librarian
    • Buy-in and Tie-in
    • 11:30 am head to the airport

3 Responses to “TRIPLL Down”

  1. Sarah Bolgert says:

    Good run-down of the “TRIPLL Down”! Building good inter-departmental relationships was a big take-away for me, too. Also, this reminds me and motivates me to do write-ups for my SLA and AALL local chapter newsletters and blogs. Question: What is the story with Elsie the Cow? Elsie the Cow happens to be the mascot of LLAW (Law Librarians Assn. of Wisconsin). Or it was some sort of mascot, so I’ve been told.

  2. Philippe says:

    Elsie the Cow is from Borden Dairy. A quick Google search will give you more information than you can imagine regarding a dairy logo. Perhaps, TRIPLL should consider bringing her back as part of the experience. The city-folk got a kick out of it. Elsie just happened to be outside as part of another event, marketing the brand and giving away free chocolate milk.

  3. Alina Kelly says:

    It was a packed weekend, but I left more energized than exhausted. Great synopsis, Philippe! I really enjoyed the focus on making our service better, and meeting other librarians in the same situation was a huge plus. Even though I didn’t go see Elsie!

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