March Madness²

By , March 5, 2012 3:13 pm

by Stina McClintock

“I’m starting a fantasy league.  I think I’ll be good at it.” – Kim Kardashian

With the advent of smart phones and calendar syncing, every time I log on to my work email, I see all appointments and important dates that are creeping up on me.  In particular, March 11th looms with an all caps reminder “SELECTION SUNDAY” to remind me that on this day, I will wake up, light a candle next to my Adam Morrison bobblehead and say a secret prayer that Gonzaga does not get selected as a low 8 seed in the east.

Turns out that fantasy sports are not just for, well sports, anymore.  On Wednesday, I found out that you can channel your inner Tony Munro and compete in something called: Fantasy SCOTUS.  That is right folks! All that SCOTUS Blogreading can finally pay off in the form of Internet fame and glory.  They have two different levels, one for the high school students and one for the post-high school Supreme Court nerd-crowd.  The crux of the game is to predict how the Justices will rule in various cases and earn points accordingly.

In addition to Fantasy SCOTUS, you can also flex your law knowledge playing Greenbag’s Fantasy Law. Fantasylaw is exactly what it sounds like: a fantasy sports game featuring congressional lawmakers in the United States instead of players on professional major league teams.  While the leagues are closed for this session, the prize for prevailing in this game is a limited edition Supreme Court Bobblehead.  And honestly, that is enough to make me want to start memorizing members of congress for the start of the next round.

Now if only they had a “KFantasy Kardashian” game.


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