LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 6/28/2011

By , November 10, 2011 9:10 am

Mort Brinchmann, Crystal Norton, Christy Leith, Robyn Hagle, Judy Davis, Jennifer Hill, Stephanie Wilson, Kim Ositis, Tina Ching, Bridget Dacres, Barbara Swatt Engstrom, Kerry Fitzgerald, Amy Eaton, Jill Allyn, Brenna Louzin, Nancy Noble, Susan Schulkin, Holly Gale, Carolyn Pietala, Phillipe Cloutier, and Catherine Horan
Where: Stoel Rives
Time: The meeting was called to order by President Mort Brinchmann on June 28, 2011, at noon.

The meeting opened with announcements:
1.  Tina Ching reported that the inventory of State primary documents was completed June 28, 2011 with over 300 documents and thanked the many volunteers who worked to complete this.

Committee Reports were given:
1.  Web Committee: Kim Ositis reported on the redesign of the website, detailing the history of this project
2.  Treasurer: Christy Leith passed out the “Statement of Income & Expenses” and noted the changes in income sources
3.  By-laws : Mort Brinchmann reported the committee had been quiet but that some issues were slated to be discussed soon
4.  Employment: On behalf of Karen Helde it was reported that few listings came out this year; a stable, quiet year.
5.  Government Relations: Tina Ching reported on behalf of Lori Fossum. The committee was successful in getting the bill passed about authentication of web-based state materials assuring permanent access to historical versions of the WAC and RCW. Letter-writing advocacy for the State Law Library was mentioned.
6.  Grants: Bridget Dacres reported on behalf of Dawn Kendrick Gibb that 4 grants were given. She noted a low number of applicants during 2010-2011.
7. Membership: On behalf of Barbara Rothwell it was reported overall membership down 4 this year with 11 new members.
8.  Newsletter: Phillipe Cloutier, the new committee chair reported. Contributors to the blog were thanked and the membership was reminded that guest bloggers are always needed. Since we have no physical archive of what was published during the year a PDF will be made available.
9.  Programs: Barbara Swatt Engstrom gave an overview of programs presented throughout the year and thanked Amy Eaton for her help.
10.  Spring Workshop: Kerry Fitzgerald noted lower attendance this year perhaps due to the timing, but remarked that we had no costs due to Seattle University donating the meeting space and that all but 1 speaker returned the honorarium.
11.  Social: Jennifer Hill reported on events held including the Happy Hours and good participation in the King County Bar Association Fun Run.
12.  Nominations: Richard Jost reported that Jennifer Hill was elected as the new Vice President/President Elect and Stephanie Wilson was elected Treasurer.
13.  The Marketing and Outreach committees were inactive this year. Marketing and outreach issues should for now be addressed to the Board.

Outgoing President Mort Brinchmann presented the President’s Award to Barbara Swatt Engstrom and Amy Eaton. Incoming President Crystal Norton assumed her duties.

The meeting was adjourned at 1 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Judy A. Davis, LLOPS Secretary

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