AALL Future of Law Librarians Summit: Keynote

By , November 3, 2011 12:05 pm

by Philippe Cloutier

The Futures Summit has commenced, check out the tweets via #AALLFS.

AALL President Darcy Kirk opened up the Summit in Oak Brook, IL and quickly detailed our goal for the next 24 hours: develop a plan for the future of law librarians. Keynote speaker Andrew Hines is currently on the stage deconstructing values, work product, social expectations, organizational shifts, and consumer preferences. While the details seem pedantic they are absolutely necessary in breaking down and understanding our associations, librarians, patrons, students, attorneys, etc.

Andrew’s next message is on the general influence of mass-communication, 24/7/365 social interaction, and the death of the schedule. Again, another topic necessary to know where stand. Are we using these tools to build relationships? Or just to do a job. From what I gather, virtual technologies are so new that we are obligated to find new ways to balance our workflows with the virtual and real. We have to challenge the automatic and the way we’ve always done things. Part and parcel to this and the “Death of a Schedule” is lifelong learning. The traditional student model is changing and we find people obtaining degrees as they need it. Another arena AALL will need to focus on is career guidance. Workforce values are changing, employees are shifting away from 60 hour work-weeks and looking toward flex-time and working virtually. Another question for AALL is how do we offer training to improve skills, both for the seasoned and new.

The keynote moves on to changing leadership and obtaining talent. It’s also moved onto Gen Y stereotypes. Money is less important to these employees, more important to Gen Y is to work with “cool and interesting people”, shared values, and competitive wages. Jumping ahead, retirement is also taking novel forms. This is an opportunity for AALL to reach-out to retirees for leadership and participation: part-time work but major effect. The specifics and culture-shifts for attracting, keeping, and developing leadership requires doing business in different ways. Andrew mentions typical work fields where workers often leave and change jobs every few years, not sticking around for 30 years as once before. In my opinion, librarians fly in the face of this norm and many others.

Stay tuned for more live posts and check out the tweets!


3 Responses to “AALL Future of Law Librarians Summit: Keynote”

  1. Amy Eaton says:

    I am enjoying the live presentation. Will an archived version be available later?

  2. Newsletter-Blog says:

    I believe an archive will be available. Details to come!

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