The Library of Congress is Alive with the Sound of Music

By , May 12, 2011 2:20 pm

by Kristine Lloyd

Recently, I was visiting Portland with my parents, and we found ourselves at Clyde Common, a renowned joint thanks to the master mixologist. Even though my drink tasted like vinegar, the highlight of the visit was our ever-so-eccentric Portlandia server. Hearing that we were from Alabama, he proclaimed his love for old-timey Appalachian music. I bit my tongue and declined to point out that just because Alabama is a Southern state does not mean we are part of Appalachian country. We have more teeth.

I have a feeling that this guy would be jazzed to know about the latest development at the Library of Congress: a collaboration with Sony to create a National Jukebox website with free streaming of vintage tunes. At the project’s launch, there are over 10,000 recordings made by the Victor Talking Machine Company between 1901 and 1925, with additional material to be added. There is also a treasure trove of older recordings available thanks to Universal Music Group. Perhaps once Mr. Portland finishes his milk thistle cleanse, he’ll have the energy to do some advanced searching for his favorite Appalachian ditties at the LoC.

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