President’s Message

By , April 4, 2011 4:32 pm

by Mort Brinchmann

LLOPS March Madness got off to a running, or walking, start with the KCBA 5K. We almost took the team competition our first time out with a little help from friends and family. Thanks to Jennifer Hill for serving as team captain, Richard Jost and Lori Fossum who provided “uniforms” and the rest of Team LLOPS:  Jill Allyn, Amy Eaton, Holly Gale, and Robyn Hagle. 

LLOPS was also well represented at this year’s Sunshine Week Webcast. The Webcast, featuring the Administration’s Open Government Initiative and options for making agency information most helpful to taxpayers, was enlightening but eclipsed by the lively after discussion led by Peggy Roebuck Jarrett and Mary Whisner.

The LLOPS year again peaked with the Ideas of March, an eclectic but most worthy professional development program. We got handy tips for selecting prime SEC resources, law library e-readers, and cuts of meat. Being mostly native, I appreciated the look back to the days of Judge Boldt, Marlon Brando, Jack in the Box and e coli–reminding me that these issues continue today. Thanks to our Seattle School of Law friends for their plenteous hospitality in their very cool facility. Thanks also to LEXIS for their continued generous support and to Bloomberg for joining as a sponsor this year. Kudos to this year’s PDC crew: Kerry Fitz-Gerald, Barbara Holt, Catherine Horan, Brenna Louzin, Stephanie Wilson and Barbara Swatt.  

Coming up:  Chapter Visitor & AALL Treasurer Susan Lewis will be here May 25th to complete the Program Committee’s management series speaking on office politics and everything AALL. Please also join Susan and the LLOPS Board that evening for a LLOPS Happy Hour and/or the Chapter Visitor’s Dinner. We also hope to bring members together for a LLOPS service day in the next month or so, perhaps helping out at a local food bank, plucking trash or invasive weeds at a local park, or if you have ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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