LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 6/30/2010

By , August 4, 2010 8:13 am

Attendees:Robyn Hagle, Mort Brinchmann, Karen Helde, Bridget Dacres, Kate Stockert, Barbara Rothwell, Amy Eaton, Barbara Swatt, Lori Fossum, Jill Allyn, Brenna Louzin, Peggy Jarrett, Richard Jost, Nancy Noble, Christy Leith, Tina Ching, Crystal Norton, Judy Davis, Holly Gale.
Location: U.S. District Court Library
Time: Noon

The annual June business meeting focused on committee reports summarizing the past year’s activity. The following committees presented their accomplishments:

  1. Employment: Karen Helde reported that they handled 9 job announcements including 5 by LLOPS . This was more than past years. Active resumes for 2 job-seekers are on file.
  2. Grants: Bridget Dacres reported that $1,465 in grants supported 4 LLOPS members for various professional meetings: $500 to Kristine Lloyd, $75 to Brenna Louzin for the Professional Development Workshop, $445 each to Jill Allyn and Jennifer Hill for the AALL Annual Meeting.
  3. Marketing: Kate Stockert reported on various articles published to inform others of the benefits offered by law libraries and law librarians.
  4. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported that LLOPS membership currently stands at 142 which includes 13 new members. A question about the future of the print directory was raised.
  5. Programs: Amy Eaton reported on the various programs held throughout the year.
  6. Professional Development: Lori Fossum reported on the workshop held April 29, 2010. The meeting received good sponsorship and had 49 attending.
  7. Social Committee: Jennifer Hill reported on the Happy Hours sponsored throughout the year to provide casual gatherings for members.
  8. Community Outreach: This year no grant was awarded. Jill Allyn mentioned that the dispersal of the Heller Ehrman collection was an ongoing focus of the committee.
  9. Webmaster/Website redesign: Chair Kim Ositis sent a report. The committee has been busy and the new site will soon be up and running. A tour of the site will be scheduled for a later meeting.
  10. Nominations: Richard Jost/Brenna Louzin/Nancy Noble reported on their successful recruiting of members to stand for election. For the first time votes were submitted electronically with 84 voters participating.
  11. Government Relations: Peggy Jarrett reported on the survey regarding the Washington Code Reviser’s announcement that the RCW/WAC would be an electronic-only publication. Tina Ching mentioned the efforts undertaken by LLOPS to contribute to the AALL inventory of primary state materials. Other volunteers are needed.
  12. Treasurer: Christy Leith reported on the financial health of the organization. We benefitted from substantial vendor contributions this year but given the economic climate, these contributions may be significantly reduced in the future. Vendor contributions and membership dues are the primary source of income for LLOPS. With the newsletter going to blog format, discussion ensued on the potential loss of income from advertising. We’ll need to keep potential income losses in mind for future budgeting.
  13. LLOPS President’s Award: Outgoing president Robyn Hagle presented the award to the Blog Committee.
  14. Executive Board: Robyn Hagle passed the LLOPS gavel to Mort Brinchmann. Crystal Norton will be vice president/president elect. Tina Ching (secretary) will be the only member leaving the Board. Judy Davis replaces her

Respectfully submtited,
Judy Davis, secretary

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