FREE?: Lexis Advance for Associates

By , March 9, 2011 2:49 pm

by Kristine Lloyd

No doubt you’ve received the press release by now. Something’s cooking over at Lexis. We heard whisperings of it last year, but it seems that a roll-out of federated searching is in our near future. Those lucky librarians over at 3 Geeks got a sneak prview of the product, and here’s a summary of some of their comments.

Sit down for this one: there are no charges for this new product for current Lexis users. Crazy, huh? Seeing as how pricing, at least the vaguest notions I have about it, for WestlawNext are pretty steep, this could be an interesting and enticing development in the war between providers.

Lexis Advance for Associates allows you to search all Lexis content at once. If content is outside of your contract, users will get a red notice on the result. The groovy thing is this: you can click on the document for a brief summary to help you decide whether you want to purchase that out of contract content.

Unfortunately, when the product is released, not all databases will be available for searching, so users will need to use as well until all content is migrated to the new platform.

I just don’t get the name. A) Boring. B) Why Segregate? Seems they also have  Lexis Advance for Solo, but I agree with the folks at 3 Geeks–how about a Lexis Advance for Librarians and why wasn’t that released first? It’s my competitive spirit. I always like to be first in line.

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