LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8/25/2010

By , February 24, 2011 9:27 am

Attendees: Mort Brinchmann (President), Crystal Norton ((Vice-President/President Elect), Judy Davis (Secretary), Christy Leith (Treasurer), and, remotely via phone, Robyn Hagle (Past President)
Location: Riddell Williams, Seattle, WA
Time: The meeting was called order by President Mort Brinchmann on August 25, 2010 at 11 a.m.

  1. Committee Budgets:
    President Mort Brinchmann reviewed amounts budgeted to various committees. As in the past the amounts serve as guidelines for the following committees. The following amounts were approved by the Board:

    1. Program committee: $500.00
    2. Social committee: $500.00
    3. Grants committee: $1500.00
    4. Professional development committee: $3000.00
  2. State Legal Resources Survey: 
    The Board recognizes the importance of this endeavor and will offer to assist Tina Ching’s efforts to encourage participation. Tina will be at today’s general meeting  and again present the need and time involved to participate.
  3. AALL Chapter Visitor:
    The Board will pursue getting a visitor from AALL to come to our chapter. Local involvement would include co-ordination with the program committee and planning a dinner for the guest. Crystal will investigate possible names.
  4. Certificate of Deposit (CD):
    LLOPS has a CD which is coming due. Even though interest rates are low they are still better than checking and we don’t need access to the money. Christy will see about new rates and renew. Mort, Christy and Crystal will also need to go to the bank to update financial information regarding who can sign LLOPS checks.
  5. Secretary of State incorporation record:
    The current material we have lists Karen Helde with the Lane Powell address. Christy will investigate.
  6. Committee discussion:
    Mort notes that we have a lot of one-person committees which cuts down on the networking and social benefits of LLOPS. 

    1. Suggestions included a mega-committee combining the Blog, Website, Social Media and Marketing functions. This would help maintain consistency of brand, message.
    2. Suggestion was to place the Discussion List under the Membership Committee.
    3. Suggestion to investigate “Temporary Special Committees” (TSC) and establish the Social Committee as a regular committee. See if we continue to need the Community Outreach TSC.
    4. Suggestion to place the Salary Survey within Membership. Currently the Salary Survey is in need of someone with expertise in Survey Monkey. Christy will send an email soliciting help.
  7. Bylaws changes:
    Robyn mentioned the need to change certain parts of the bylaws to reflect  current  practice. For example, the newsletter is now a blog. We will gather these up and pass off to Rick (Articles of Incorpporation/Bylaws Committee) so as to not overwhelm him with lots of little changes.
  8. Increasing committee membership:
    Judy will talk to some of the Law Librarianship students about serving. Professional Development Committee could use help.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Respectfully submitted by Judy A. Davis, LLOPS Secretary

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