LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8/17/2009

By , October 5, 2009 8:37 pm

Attendees: Robyn Hagle, Mort Brinchmann, Christy Leith, Rita Kaiser, and Tina Ching.
Location: Perkins Coie, Seattle WA
Time: The meeting was called to order at 3:02pm by President Hagle.

1.    Budget Recommendations
The executive board discussed budget recommendations for four committees: Grants, Program, Social, and Professional Development.  Based on the results from the LLOPS member survey, the 2008-2009 executive board agreed to provide greater financial support resulting in a decreased ending balance of LLOPS funds.  With the understanding that the 2009-2010 executive board could not continue that level of financial support and maintain a healthy year end balance, the board revisited past budgets to recommend spending guidelines.

a.    Grants – Because LLOPS will be receiving a grant from AALL for the annual meeting, the board agreed to offset the allotment to the grants committee.  The board recommended that the Grants committee this year limit member grants to $1,000 from LLOPS funding.  In addition, the grants committee will be able to award one AALL registration to a LLOPS member for attendance at the annual meeting in 2010.
b.    Program – To support regular attendance the monthly general meetings, the board agreed to recommend to the program committee a spending guideline of $800 for 2009-2010.
c.    Social – The board agreed that the social committee should be able to coordinate social activities for members with a guideline of $500.
d.    Professional Development – The 2008-2009 executive board agreed to utilize surplus funds by providing substantial financial support to the Professional Development Workshop through additional funding and decreasing the registration fees.  In order to continue to support the workshop, the executive board recommended a spending guideline of $3000 and that registration fees return to 2008 levels.

2.    LLOPS Cited
Kristine Lloyd, chair of the newsletter/blog committee, will be overseeing the migration of the newsletter to a blog format.  She will be maintaining many of the same features of the newsletter while taking advantage of the up-to-date nature of the blog.  She will be working with Tina Ching and Brandi Ledford on technical issues.  It will be revealed at the next meeting with an editor’s note and President’s message.

Hagle will follow up on advertising issues with Thomson West.  She will also notify the chair of the bylaws committee (Rick Stroup) of changes that will need to be made to the bylaws.

3.    AALL Visitor
Hagle asked the executive board for recommendations or suggestions on an AALL board visit.  She will submit a request for a board visitor.

4.    Successor Guidelines
Hagle suggested that each of the board members create guidelines or a calendar to pass on to their successor.  This will help facilitate an easier transition into the position.  Some of this information is available in the handbook that was recently updated.

5.    LLOPS website
Next year, AALL will be making templates available to chapters for their websites.  Hagle will request a complete report from Nancy Noble, chair of the website special committee, before the board determines to continue with the committee’s plan or delay until the national templates become available.

6.    Awards and other LLOPS artifacts
Until a LLOPS archive is established, awards and other artifacts will pass from outgoing President to incoming President.  Kaiser will contact Stroup about King County Law Library as a possible repository for LLOPS.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:06pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tina S. Ching, LLOPS Secretary.

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