iAnnotate Therefore I Am

By , October 14, 2010 4:24 pm

by Kristine Lloyd

There are many things I covet, and typically these things are sartorial in nature. Like that scarf I bought off the mannequin last week as I just happened to be strolling through Nordstrom. But I should really start saving my pennies, because I am starting to get seriously jealous of all of the cool gadgets floating around out there. I’m starting to feel like a troglodyte reading my print book on the bus every evening while other riders whip out their fancy e-books or type up their grocery lists on their PDAs. I might as well be reading a stone tablet. 

Of all of  cool tools out there, the gadget I covet the most is the iPad. I’ve seen a few on the bus, those cool early adopters, but I am sure I’ll be seeing more and more of them. I recently read about a new app that lets you annotate documents on your iPad. Can you see where this is going? Not that I want to annotate cases, but this would have great utility for our lawyers and law students. It makes me wonder if the all-digital, all-the-time library really is in our future. Will we just be a desk checking out iPads to our patrons one day?

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