Who's Afraid of Patent Law?

By , August 25, 2010 5:46 pm

Do you, like me, grit your teeth and death grip your armrests when you get a patent law question? Well, at our first meeting of the year, on the Patent Life Cycle, Colette Napoli of ThomsonReuters broke down the who, what, when and why of patents in a way that even your kindergartner might understand. She went through the front page of a patent, explaining what each section signifies. We also learned about the differences in patent family coverage between Derwent and INPADOC. Turns out Derwent is much more selective than INPADOC when connecting patents to their family members. Colette also tested us on what could / could not be patented. Turns out my flying squirrel cannot be patented.  

Amy Eaton then gave a great presentation about the top five patent-related questions that librarians typically receive. It was nice to be reassured that I am not the only one who thinks researching a company’s assigned patents is a real challenge. I think I’m calling Amy the next time I have a patent research question.

2 Responses to “Who's Afraid of Patent Law?”

  1. Brenna Louzin says:

    Thanks for the excellent teachable moments. Colette did a fine job and Amy provided great real-world reference connections to the data sources. Will Colette’s presentation be posted ?

  2. Erin Hoffrance says:

    Yes, I too enjoyed the meeting it was a very informative session.

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