To be too big to fail,or not to be too big to fail . . .

By , May 10, 2010 1:41 pm

by Karen Helde

I was charmed by a recent NPR story on Senator Dodd’s financial reform bill.

Yes, I just typed “charmed” and “financial reform” in the same sentence. Intrigued? Go ahead and listen. No, don’t read the transcript – you need to listen.

Reporters Adam Davidson and Chana Joffe-Walt must have realized that their topic had the potential to glaze the eyes of even their most dedicated listeners. So Davidson invited his dad, a professional Shakespearean actor, to read excerpts from the bill. The senior Mr. Davidson does a beautiful job of giving both gravity and grace to the language. To his credit, he resists hamming it up (but does sound like he’s having fun).

One of the reasons I liked this piece was because I often think of the contrast between the drama of legal conflict and the dryness of the law as text. On learning that I’m a librarian, people sometimes comment about how lucky I am to be surrounded by books all day. I don’t have the heart to tell them I sometimes stare towards the stacks while eating lunch at my desk, thinking “if only there were something to read around here.” This story made me consider that law librarians should stop thinking about developing apps for the iPhone or acquiring treatises for the Kindle. What we need is a device that can read from the Code of Federal Regulations in the voice of Kenneth Branagh or Judi Dench.

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