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President’s Message

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By , February 22, 2012 10:15 am

by Crystal Sherman Norton

Have you read the Velvet Chainsaw Report?  (“Observations & Recommendations, American Association of Law Libraries” / Velvet Chainsaw Consulting).   The nickname of the Report alone piqued my interest – picture it – a velvet chainsaw, cutting and carving oh so softly!  The Report came out in October 2011 and I’ve just gotten around to downloading it thanks to my involvement with the Seattle 2013 Local Arrangements Committee.   I’ve been reading it during my ferry commute this past week, digesting a little bit at a time.  It’s really fascinating!

If you’ve ever attended an AALL Annual Meeting & Conference, or ever intend to, you should read this Report in its entirety.  It is an analysis of AALL’s AM&C start to finish, including comments as to what’s working, what isn’t working, and specific recommendations for change, beginning with the whole process of submitting program ideas.  The Report is backed-up with some very interesting attachments, such as “Defining education, information & learning” and “Three types of adult learners”. Ok that might sound a bit dry, but it’s really not, IMHO.  The Report is well-done, thorough, and honest.  Check it out here:

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Damn Lies and Patent Law Statistics: Getting Data to Identify Trends in Patent Legal Actions

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By , August 22, 2011 9:37 am

by Amy Eaton

This 30 minute PLL program quickly reviewed the fee-based and free resources we may consult to help us determine the best resources for reliable patent statistics. Amy Wisinski, of Winning the Case, sped through a number of resources which I will briefly summarize.

The USPTO has added a new Patent Dashboard to their statistical analysis page. This is visually appealing but summarizes only recent activity. The USPTO continues to offer statistical analysis based on calendar or fiscal year in html or pdf. The EPO provides patent filing statistics back to 2001 in a downloadable spreadsheet. WIPO also provides access to filing statistics such as the number of filings, granted, in force and intensity.  The WIPO data is particularly dense and in some cases goes back as far as 1883. Continue reading 'Damn Lies and Patent Law Statistics: Getting Data to Identify Trends in Patent Legal Actions'»

President’s Message from “The City that Loves You Back”

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By , August 19, 2011 8:33 am

by Crystal Sherman Norton

The first thing we noticed when stepping off the plane in Philadelphia was the heat.  Did I say “notice”?  Better put, when we stepped off the plane in Philadelphia, we were hit with a blast of heat that remained with us for several days.  Someone in the airport told us it was 101 degrees, and this was around 4:30 p.m.  You know how they say “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”?  In Philadelphia it’s both.  Enough about the weather already (but trust me, it was memorable!).

What a great conference this year!  I divided my time between Chapter Leadership Training, the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section Summit: Change as Action, and some really great programs.  Saturday morning the Council of Chapter Presidents put on a Chapter Leadership Training session for newly-elected Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents/Presidents Elect.  This meeting covered all that a Pres/VP needs to know in order to navigate his/her way through the 3 year commitment to an AALL Chapter.  Diane Rodriguez, outgoing President of the Council of Chapter Presidents, guided us through the ins and outs of resources available to us and introduced each speaker.  We learned about everything from Annual Meeting Programming to Preparing a Chapter Annual Report, and more.  We were each given a handbook to go along with the presentations. Continue reading 'President’s Message from “The City that Loves You Back”'»

LLOPS Members Chair Local Arrangements for 2013 AALL Annual Meeting

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By , August 16, 2011 9:01 am

I am very excited to report that Tina Ching, Seattle University School of Law Library, and Rita Dermody, Public Law Library of King County, have agreed to co-chair the Local Arrangements Committee for the 2013 AALL Annual Meeting in Seattle. Their talent and enthusiasm are the perfect formula for a successful conference. Seattle will be a great location to host an annual meeting with new programming initiatives and exciting social, cultural, and local events. I encourage you to join the Local Arrangements Committee and share your talents and knowledge of your beautiful city with AALL members from across the United States and around the globe. See you in 2013!

– Jean M. Wenger, AALL Vice President/President-Elect

2011 AALL Annual Conference Grants

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By , January 12, 2011 7:59 pm

The Grants Committee would like to offer two Early Bird grants to the upcoming AALL Conference in Philadelphia. Please submit your grant application by May 6th to be considered for a grant.

The K&L Gates Award-Winning Newsletter

By , August 24, 2010 4:34 pm

And this year’s Excellence in Marketing Award goes to . . .

The K&L Gates library newsletter, AsktheLibrary!

Ellen Bowman, our intrepid newsletter editor, and frankly the lead writer too, accepted the AALL for Excellence in Marketing Award for Best Newsletter at this year’s annual meeting.

AsktheLibrary, our quarterly K&L Gates library newsletter, is a great medium for communicating our value to our lawyers. Our firmwide newsletter includes news about the firm’s print and electronic resources, free and low-cost resources available on the web, links to our online training guides  and other tools for navigating the information landscape. Congratulations to Ellen and the library staff at K&L Gates for winning this award.

Jennifer's AALL Diary

By , August 5, 2010 3:57 pm

by Jennifer Hill

Saturday, July 10, 2010:

Arrive at Sea-Tac after ride with parking lot shuttle driver who spent the entire drive gleefully describing to me all of the explosives he created and detonated for July 4th. Why he thought I was an explosives kind of girl, I don’t know. Get through long, slow moving curbside check-in line, then security and I’m off to Denver on a comfortable 2 ½ hour flight.

Check in to Marriott City Center and take off for Convention Center to pick up my badge and tote bag. On the way, meet up with some old friends from UCLA Law Library and meet some new UCLA law librarians as well. Make arrangements for dinner with my UCLA friends and head over to Blake Street for a delicious dinner at India House. Stuff myself with a vegetarian’s nightmare, Tandoori Mixed Grill and head back with the group to the Convention Center for the Opening Event in the Korbel Ballroom. The Ballroom was huge, allowing plenty of room to walk around and sample all of the different desserts available without knocking into people along the way. I’m not a big dessert person so instead I visited the bar stations which were well-stocked with beer, wine and even a signature cocktail: “The AALL”, a yummy peach martini. By 9:00 p.m. I was running out of steam and ready to call it a night. Back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. Continue reading 'Jennifer's AALL Diary'»

Our Future is Mapped: Join the Ride

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By , July 30, 2010 4:23 pm

by Tina Ching

It is an excellent time to be involved in AALL policy related activities.  Various events held at the AALL annual meeting in Denver highlighted some of the issues that are important to us as law librarians and demonstrated how at the state level you are needed to help advance the objectives of our organization.

AALL Vision 2010-2013 states, “Law librarians, possessing unique education and training, have the special responsibility to promote permanent public access, authentication, and preservation of public domain government information.”  There were several programs at the annual meeting this year, related to this part of our organization’s strategic direction that reflected the movement in this area and the need for involvement from our members.  Here are just some of the highlights: Continue reading 'Our Future is Mapped: Join the Ride'»

AALL Summit 2010: Report from Denver

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By , July 29, 2010 1:20 pm

by Jill Allyn

Receiving a scholarship from AALL and LLOPS to attend the annual meeting this year was exciting. Not only did it help persuade the firm to send me, but I had never been to Denver before. We flew in Friday evening; that way, we could go to the PLL reception and Mort could attend Chapter President Leadership training Saturday morning. The reception included a mariachi band and margarita slushies that hit the spot. I met a newer librarian from Rochester, NY who had questions about software, serials management, databases, contracts and all that goes with managing libraries. Continue reading 'AALL Summit 2010: Report from Denver'»

Lawberry Camp

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By , May 6, 2010 10:28 am

by Erin Hoffrance

In 2008, I attended my first AALL conference in Portland, OR. During my time there, I sat in on the Gen X/Gen Y Caucus meeting. I have been on their email list and have been enjoying the newly established newsletter, Minding the Gap. In the Spring 2010 edition, there is an article about Lawberry Camp, held at Harvard Law School during the 2010 mid-winter session.

Lawberry Camp is an “unconference” that included topics such as library mash-ups, resource tracking, mobile apps, information literacy, and research guides. Organized by members of the Gen X/Gen Y caucus, Jason Eiseman, Sarah Glassmeyer and Meg Kribble, this conference is different from others in its open exchange of ideas and the fact that “much of the days’ activities were streamed on the Internet so that people who could not attend in person could still participate via chat or Twitter. Videos and archived tweets appear on the Lawberry Camp website.” The organizers and participants created a great forum in which to share ideas and technologies and also provided a way for information professionals to connect. I am entirely intrigued and wish I could attend the upcoming Lawberry Camp at the 2010 AALL conference on Saturday, July 10. I encourage you to read the entire article (written by Jason Eiseman, Librarian for Emerging Technologies at Yale Law School), because it is a new look and feel to the way we as librarians can keep the profession moving forward.

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