LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 1/30/2013

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By , June 10, 2013 2:45 pm

Attendees: Jennifer Hill, Crystal Norton, Kim Ositis, Bret Masterson, Erin Hoffrance, Karen Helde, Barbara Rothwell, Brenna Louzin, Kristine Lloyd, Catherine Horan, Anna Endter, Stina McClintock, Mort Brinchmann and others.

Location: Riddell Williams, 1001 Fourth Ave., Seattle, Washington.

Time: The business meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Hill at 12:02 p.m.

The meeting began with reports from officers:

  1. President Jennifer Hill reported that LLOPS is still seeking members for some committees, including Program, Nominations, and U.W. Information School Liaison. She announced that AALL President Jean Wenger will be attending the May 29th chapter meeting.
  2. Reporting for Treasurer Stephanie Wilson, Jennifer Hill presented an update on the chapter’s finances. As of the end of December 2012, LLOPS had $21,920 in total assets.

Committee updates were presented:

  1. Bylaws: not reported.
  2. Employment: Karen Helde reported that three jobs were posted in 2012, and that there are currently three resumes on file with LLOPS.
  3. Government Relations: Anna Endter reported that there is nothing currently pending of particular interest.
  4. Grants: Erin Hoffrance reported that the committee has $2500 to award for grants to attend this year’s AALL annual meeting. The application form is posted on the chapter website.
  5. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported that the chapter has 132 current members.
  6. Newsletter/Blog: not reported.
  7. Nominations and Elections: Karen Helde reported that the committee will start looking for candidates for Treasurer and Vice President/President-Elect in February.
  8. Professional Development: not reported.
  9. Program: Brenna Louzin described upcoming programs, including a presentation on business development tools and a LinkedIn program to be presented by Warner Miller.
  10. Salary Survey: not reported.
  11. Social: Mort Brinchmann reported that recent social gatherings have been well-received.
  12. U.W. Information School Liaison: no report.


  1. Kim Ositis is continuing work on the Local Arrangements Committee website for this year’s AALL annual meeting, and expects it to go live on Friday. The site is designed to be more conversational, rather than a set of PDF files.
  2. Kristine Lloyd announced that Katy Drake has joined the library team at K&L Gates.
  3. Kim Ositis noted that most fees at King County Law Library will be going up on February 1, 2013. Also, all phone numbers at KCLL will be changing sometime in March or April.
  4. Jennifer Hill said that she would like the chapter to have a table at the AALL annual meeting and asked members to consider assisting with this.

Open discussion:

Members discussed the ALA Midwinter meeting. Kim Ositis offered to present her program on skip tracing to any interested firms.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 12:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Bret Masterson, Secretary.


LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8/29/2012

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By , June 10, 2013 2:40 pm

Attendees: Jennifer Hill (President), Crystal Norton (Past President), Kim Ositis (Vice President/President Elect), Stephanie Wilson (Treasurer), Bret Masterson (Secretary). Erin Hoffrance (Chair, Grants Committee) was present during the discussion of the second item on the agenda below.

Location: Riddell Williams, Seattle, Washington.

Time: The meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Hill at 1:10 p.m.

The following items were discussed:

1. LLOPS Financial Matters

As recommended by the bank and previously approved by the Board, Stephanie closed out the LLOPS certificate of deposit that matured August 28 and moved the funds into the LLOPS checking account. Stephanie also upgraded to a checking account that should result in fewer fees.

2. Grants Committee

On behalf of the Committee, Erin expressed concern about confusion that arose last year regarding grants that were awarded for the Professional Development Workshop. Grantees were given checks to pay for the cost of the workshop, but some grantees mistakenly believed that they did not need to register for the workshop and thus were not charged any fees for attending. The Board agreed that, for future workshops, grantees will not receive a payment but will not be required to register. The Committee will continue to provide payments to grantees for workshops and conferences held by organizations other than LLOPS. Erin also stated that the Committee has been uncertain how much funding to ask for this year, in light of uncertainty as to whether LLOPS will sponsor a professional development workshop in 2013. Jennifer explained that the Board would be considering that issue later in the meeting and that she will update Erin afterwards. The board also discussed why more members have not applied for grants in recent years (the Grants Committee did not spend $800 of its budget last year). It was suggested that we could do more to let members know that they can seek grants for a wide range of conferences and workshops, not just the AALL conference and the professional development workshop.

3. Holiday Party

In past years, the LLOPS holiday party has been fully funded by West/Thomson Reuters. Kim will contact Heather Heen of Thomson Reuters to see if the company is willing to provide sponsorship for this year’s party. If funding is not available from Thomson Reuters, the Board will consider other options for the party, such as seeking funding from another vendor, paying for the party with LLOPS funds, and/or charging a fee to attend. Kim confirmed that we will do another gift card drive this year, and the Board gave her permission to choose a charity and coordinate the donation.

4. Professional Development Workshop

There was a discussion about whether LLOPS should consider shelving or scaling down the workshop in 2013 due to the AALL meeting that will be held in Seattle. Many LLOPS members are helping with local arrangements and are otherwise committed for the year so finding LLOPS committee volunteers may prove difficult. Also, members may be planning to attend AALL and might not be able to attend a LLOPS workshop and the meeting. The Board agreed that LLOPS will not sponsor a full-scale workshop in 2013. Jennifer will ask the Program Committee to instead look for sponsorship and topics for one or two shorter, single-topic programs to be held during the year.

5. Budget Guidelines for 2012-13

The Board chose to increase the budget for the Social Committee to $1000 for this year, in anticipation that having the AALL meeting in Seattle will present additional opportunities for social events. The Grants Committee will be budgeted $2500 this year (roughly the total of what it was allocated the previous year plus the amount it did not spend that year); the Board anticipates that this amount will cover four early-bird registrations for the AALL meeting. The Programs Committee will be allocated $2200. With no money budgeted for a professional development workshop in 2013, the total spending planned for 2012-13 ($5700) matches the amount budgeted for the previous year.

6. AALL Chapter Visitor Program

LLOPS will request a visit from AALL President Jean Wenger this year. Jennifer will make the request and will attempt to schedule the visit for May. Kim volunteered to usher Jean around town when the visit takes place.

7. LLOPS Mailbox

Although the chapter handbook provides that the President has the duty of picking up mail from the LLOPS post office box, Stephanie has been taking care of this. The Board agreed that she should continue to do so.

8. Corporate Annual Report

To be filed with the Washington Secretary of State’s office by the President & Treasurer, due in March of 2013.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Bret Masterson, Secretary.

LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 6/27/2012

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By , June 10, 2013 2:35 pm

Attendees: Crystal Sherman Norton, Jennifer Hill, Mort Brinchmann, Karen Helde, Barbara Rothwell, Philippe Cloutier, Barbara Swatt Engstrom, Erin Hoffrance, Barbara Cornwell Holt, Susan Rau, Bridget Dacres, Bret Masterson, Amy Eaton, Kristine Lloyd, Emily Smith, Brenna Louzin, Christy Leith, Kim Ositis, Eli Edwards, Jill Allyn, Anna Endter, Carolyn Pietala, and others.

Where: Perkins Coie, 1201 Third Ave., Suite 4900, Seattle, WA

Time: Noon

The business meeting was called to order by President Crystal Norton. Minutes of the last meeting were approved and posted to the LLOPS web site. Introductions given and musical talents discovered. The following items were discussed:

Committee reports were given. (NOTE: for full Committee reports, see LLOPS website)

1. Bylaws: not reported
2. Discussion List Monitor: not reported
3. Employment: Karen Helde reported that 16 job announcements had been posted (10 MLIS and 6 paraprofessional and nonlibrary) as well as one volunteer position. There is one active resume on file.
4. Government Relations: Sherry Leysen reported via email (abbreviated here) as follows: The Washington Supreme Court adopted a Limited License Legal Technician Rule in June 15. I’ve also been keeping an eye on new AALL action alerts.
5. Grants: Bridget Dacres reported good support from the LLOPS board this year. AALL conference registration funding was offered to three UW law librarianship students and full funding for early bird registration was offered to Karen Helde.
6. iSchool Liaison: not reported
7. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported a current total of 134 members and that 51 renewals had been received for 2012-13.
8. Newsletter/Blog: Philippe Cloutier reported that blog postings remained steady. The website had just begun using Google Analytics, which showed 627 visits during the last month with an average duration per visit of 1 minute 39 seconds.
9. Nominations & Elections: Karen Helde reported that the committee succeeded in locating 2 candidates for two positions: Vice President/President Elect – Kim Ositis, and Secretary, Bret Masterson. The election was conducted via electronic balloting. Eighty-five LLOPS members voted and the results were announced to the membership.
10. Professional Development: Kerry Fitz-Gerald reported via email that the Professional Development Workshop, held March 14, 2012 at Seattle University, had 35 attendees and received strong positive reviews. The committee is considering offering a short half day program for 2013 since the AALL Annual Meeting will be held in Seattle next year. They intend to do a survey to determine what would work best for everyone.
11. Program: Barbara Swatt-Engstrom reviewed the programs offered during the past year.
12. Salary Survey: Christy Leith noted that this year’s salary survey reflected 1/3 participation and she hoped for improved participation on future surveys.
13. Social: Jennifer Hill thanked Mort Brinchmann for his work on the social events for the past year and noted Stina McClintock will take over as committee chair.
14. Webmaster: Kim Ositis reiterated Philippe’s comments and reported that a new widget had been installed on the website that would highlight an individual upcoming event. Kim also noted the board needed to discuss renewal options for website hosting.
15. A Treasurer’s Report came in at the last minute: Stephanie Wilson, LLOPS Treasurer reported that we ended the fiscal year with assets of $21,743. A summary will be posted to the LLOPS website.

Presentation of Awards
Special Recognition Awards were presented to Kristine Lloyd and Philippe Cloutier for their work in making the blog a success.
The President’s Award for Excellence went to Barbara Swatt-Engstrom for creating outstanding programming for the monthly meetings.

Executive Board
Crystal thanked and bid farewell to outgoing Executive Board members Judy Davis and Mort Brinchmann and welcomed new board members Bret Masterson, incoming Secretary, and Kim Ositis, incoming VP/President Elect. Crystal offered a lop ear rabbit stuffed animal as the new LLOPS mascot and presented it to incoming president, Jennifer Hill, to whom she turned over the meeting. Jennifer thanked everyone and adjourned the meeting, and cake was served to celebrate LLOPS’ birthday.



Member News: Robyn Hagle’s New Job

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By , June 10, 2013 2:09 pm

by Anna L. Endter

In March I wrote a post about incorporating member news and profiles here on the blog.

I think it would be nice to bring back this connection between members.  We are interested in hearing about what you’re up to!

Robyn Hagle, former LLOPS President, graciously agreed to sit for an interview with me to discuss her new job at Graham & Dunn.  As many of you know, Robyn was a reference librarian at Perkins Coie for six years before making the jump to Graham & Dunn in February 2013.  Here’s what she had to say about her new position.

Why did you decide to make the move to Graham & Dunn?

I wanted to make a change and I felt like it was the right point in my career to introduce change.  I saw the move as an opportunity to diversify my skills and get more management experience.  The part-time schedule also worked well for my family.

Continue reading 'Member News: Robyn Hagle’s New Job'»

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