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The LLOPS discussion list and message archive are for current LLOPS members only.  If you have questions about your membership status, please contact the LLOPS membership chair.  Please review the LLOPS Discussion Forum Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I subscribe?
All current LLOPS members will be automatically subscribed to the LLOPS email discussion group with the email address given on their LLOPS membership application.

Members can also self-subscribe through the AALL web site. To do this it they will need to obtain the password from one of the forum managers.

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to the AALL online discussion forums to see the forums to which you are subscribed.  You will be prompted to enter your email address.   Click “unsubscribe” next to the forums from which you want to unsubscribe.

How do I post a message to the group?
The easiest way is to send an email to llops@aallnet.org.  You can also post from within the LLOPS forum on the LYRIS ListManager software on AALLNET.

Where can I view the archive of messages?
The archive contains messages from April 14, 2003 – present.  You will be prompted to enter your email address. This must be the email address at which you are registered with the LLOPS discussion forum (that is, the email address at which you receive messages from the LLOPS forum.)  To search the archives, click on the Search tab at the top of the Lyris screen.

How do I change the email address to which my LLOPS emails are delivered?
To change the email address to which your LLOPS emails are delivered, go to the AALL Online Forums. Click the My Account tab and log in with the email address your email is currently coming to. Once logged in, type your new email address in the “Your email address” field and click the Save Changes button.  You can also email the forum manager, Alena Wolotira.

I am a LLOPS member but I don’t receive messages/can’t view the archives/can’t post to the list.
If you are a current LLOPS member and are having problems sending or receiving messages, or if you are unable to view the archives, or have other questions, contact the forum manager, Alena Wolotira.

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