Moving On Up

By , February 6, 2013 9:51 am

by Kristine Lloydgirl-in-moms-clothes

I promise I’ll try not to veer too deeply into reality star levels of narcissism in this post, but I thought I’d share a little bit about a new position I’ve accepted at my law firm.

In December 2012, Bridget Dacres, a legendary and formidable presence in the Pacific Northwest, retired from the position of Associate Director. Finding out about her retirement gave me some time to contemplate my own future. Did I want to relocate to another office within the firm, or maybe even leave for an overseas adventure? I loved my job as the Firmwide Manager of Research Instruction & Training, and I was really getting good at it. Did I want to disrupt my life and take on this new challenge?

In the end, I decided to dive on in, and I have not regretted it for a moment in the few weeks that I have been officially on the job. Even though I sometimes feel like I’m impersonating an adult, it’s exciting to learn new things and bring a fresh eye to the tasks at hand. I’m trying not to get too cancellation crazy, but I definitely embrace the trend of moving towards electronic access and away from print materials. I recently read about a proposal to build a bookless library in Texas, accessible from anywhere, which of course makes me wonder if we’ll someday be in our own bookless libraries. I suppose I’m a contradiction of sorts, for while I eschew e-readers in favor of a crusty, mildew-redolent, used book, I often feel that many legal resources are easier to use electronically. I’m sure some of the older attorneys would take issue with my opinions, but I don’t want to maintain what could ultimately become just a rainy-day collection. Clearly, I’m learning the ropes, and I may change my attitude in a year or two. But for now, it’s fun to take it all in and develop my own philosophies about managing a library.

Certainly, it is challenging to try to step into a position previously filled by someone so dear and beloved. I will by nature be a different sort of manager, but I certainly learned a great deal from Bridget, lessons that I know I’ll be able to use day to day. A partner emailed to congratulate me and reminded me that I have big shoes to fill, adding “and not just because Bridget is tall.” Indeed, I do!

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