Technology in Retrograde

By , March 30, 2011 12:41 pm

by Philippe Cloutier

With the iPad 2 and the battle for tablet dominance taking shape, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and look at more simple tools. NoteSlate is a new product, arriving in June 2011 and priced at $99, that bills itself as a low technology option in the face of massive multimedia consumption and overload. At its basic level, it is a writing tool with three buttons: save, show, and delete. The save options are to an SD card or to the cloud with a wi-fi model. The show button pages back to your last page, and the delete button deletes the current page. There is room for innovation, as it runs on open-source software, making possible potential enhancements such as ebook reading, calendars, gaming, or on-the-go blogging. The important thing to remember is that NoteSlate’s true goal is finding simplicity in the face of overwhelming technology.

Personally, I have several notebooks and am continually shuffling through them for meeting notes, projects, ideas, lists, etc. My handwritten notes and drafts have certainly suffered thanks to computers; and according to the Wall Street Journal, technology could be doing us a disfavor in terms of brain usage. NoteSlate (paired with OCR text searching) could save time, improve work-flow and keep us better organized. Then again, maybe it’s just another screen to add to the pile of iPhones, laptops, monitors, and tablets. Early technology adoption has it share of problems too, but the price-tag, multiple color options, convincing mission, and beautiful designs and concepts make NoteSlate a very enticing device.

2 Responses to “Technology in Retrograde”

  1. Robyn says:

    Looks cool. I find myself keeping more things “in my head” because paper is so easy to lose and typing on my iPhone is too much of a hassle. I’m not sure whether something like this could easily integrate into my existing life routine…

  2. Philippe says:

    Robyn, it would definitely require new habits, hopefully for the better.

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