What are you Reading Cheryl Nyberg?

By , October 21, 2010 5:26 pm

by Kerry Fitz-Gerald

I buttonholed Cheryl Nyberg recently to ask her what she was reading. After some polite demurring, she allowed as how she had recently read and appreciated an article entitled “Thinking Like A Librarian” by Richard Buckingham, 12 T.M. Cooley J. Prac. & Clinical L. 1 (2010). She was motivated to pick up the article both because of her professional interest in teaching students how to do research and because she’s used the title phrase herself when talking to students. Noting this, she speculated that since the current generation probably doesn’t know Paper Chase, the phrase may have lost some its resonance.

That said, it’s still good advice, encompassing tips such as carefully considering what question you’re really trying to answer, using secondary sources as well as catalogs and indices—tools foreign to many students. Nothing in the article struck Cheryl as new, but she was pleased to see this advice being disseminated in a broader market: the article was not published in either Law Library Journal or in Legal Reference Services Quarterly, but in the T.M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law. She also noted, with pride, that the article cited our own Mary Whisner.

I also asked Cheryl what she was reading for fun, and she described a quilting book called Beyond the Block. This fall she has undertaken an intriguing quilting challenge: she is to use two 44” by 2.5” wide strips to make a small (40” x 40”) wall quilt. Accomplishing this will take quite a bit of creativity, as it forces her as a quilter outside of the basic square. Beyond the Block, full of glossy color photos of gorgeous and unusual quilts, is providing quite a bit of fodder for her quilting brain. Quilting feeds, as Cheryl put it, the “creative, tactile, rule-breaking side of her personality.”

Cheryl concluded by observing that while she drew inspiration from both readings, she was having a lot more fun on the weekends.

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