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Futures Summit Work Continues

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By , January 24, 2012 9:58 am
by Robyn Hagle 
Darcy Kirk, as 2011-2012 AALL President, created a Futures Summit Planning Committee to develop an agenda for and plan a two-day Futures Summit, which was held in November 2011.  Attendees of the Summit explored issues regarding communication, member engagement, leadership development, mentoring, generational differences, and ongoing changes in the profession of law librarianship.
In December 2011, Darcy appointed a Futures Summit Report Drafting Group to continue the implementation phase of the Summit.  The committee was charged with drafting an executive summary report of the Summit and recommendations for consideration and adoption by the AALL Executive Board.  I have been serving as the chair of that group. 
The Drafting Group spent December 2011 and January 2012 reviewing transcription notes and survey responses from the Summit.   Reoccurring ideas and suggestions were tracked, tallied and later distilled into workable action items, organized by a set of four overarching goals.  A final version of the report will be submitted to the Executive Board and posted to AALLNet in late January.  Please be on the lookout for the final report.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

AALL Futures Summit: Local Wrap-up

By , November 30, 2011 9:02 am

Tina Ching, Robyn Hagle, and Philippe Cloutier attended the AALL Futures Summit. As members of LLOPS we wanted to put out some questions for our community to think about and address. We got together and had a Google Chat conversation to solidify our thoughts post-Summit with these questions:

  1. What idea from keynote speaker Andy Hines applied to our discussion of the future of the profession of law librarianship?
  2. What did you think of the format and schedule of the Futures Summit?
  3.  Any other major issues pertaining to the profession of law librarianship that was addressed at the Futures Summit?
  4. What will be the biggest issue for LLOPS to address in the next five years?
  5. What is the biggest change that you’d like to see in LLOPS within five years?

Below you will find a transcript of that conversation. Feel free to comment and agree, disagree, question, enlighten, etc.;  as we aim to get some dialogue in motion. Continue reading 'AALL Futures Summit: Local Wrap-up'»

Futures Summit Keynote Archive

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By , November 9, 2011 10:20 am

The opening keynote with Andy Hines and message from President Darcy Kirk are available online. In order to access the video and slide materials you’ll need an AALL log-in. Additional notes and audio from the event  should be up shortly. Stay tuned here or on the AALL website.

AALL Futures Summit: Keynote notes

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By , November 3, 2011 12:44 pm

Robyn Hagle’s notes are available for your viewing pleasure. Andrew Hines offered a ton of viewpoints, explanations, and thoughts.  We look forward to your comments.

AALL Presidential Certificate of Appreciation

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By , August 3, 2012 2:55 pm

by Amy Eaton

I am pleased to note that Robyn Hagle received a Presidential Certificate of Appreciation from AALL President Darcy Kirk for her work on the Futures Committee.  The award was presented at the 2012 AALL Business Meeting on July 23, 2012 in Boston, MA. Each year the president identifies members who have made significant contributions to AALL and the profession and recognizes them with a Presidential Certificate of Appreciation. In addition to Robyn, five other AALL members received this honor: Marci Hoffman, Sally Holterhoff, David Mao, Diane Rodriguez and Susan Severo. Congratulations to LLOPS member Robyn Hagle and the other honorees!

AALL News: Student Caucus

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By , May 8, 2012 8:44 am

by Philippe Cloutier

This just popped into my mailbox and thought it worth sharing:

Sent on behalf of AALL President Darcy Kirk, for the week of May 7, 2012.

AALL Student Caucus Formed

I am very pleased to announce an AALL Student Caucus has been formed following approval by the Executive Board. The purpose of the caucus is to offer a community for students pursuing careers in the field of law librarianship where they can assume an active role in shaping the future of the profession.

Any member can join a caucus, so join the Student Caucus and support the future of our profession. Continue reading 'AALL News: Student Caucus'»

LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 1/25/2012

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By , March 20, 2012 11:39 am

LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Crystal Sherman Norton, Jennifer Hill, Stephanie Wilson, Mort Brinchmann, Judy Davis, Karen Helde, Barbara Rothwell, Philippe Cloutier, Kerry FitzGerald, Barbara Swatt-Engstrom, Tina Ching, Robyn Hagle, Eli Edwards, Erin Hoffrance, Holly Gale, Barbara Holt, and others.

Where: Lane Powell, 1420 Fifth Ave., Seattle, WA

Time: Noon Continue reading 'LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 1/25/2012'»

Break-out Session

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By , November 3, 2011 2:19 pm

Following the illustrious keynote came the AALL Futures Summit Questions. Dividing us by group, private, academic, and State/County/Court, we tackled super special questions that will forever guide us into the unknown.

For Private Law Librarians:

1) What do private law librarians need to remain essential to their organization?
2) How could the association better organize to support private law librarians?
3) How can law librarians play a proactive role in the modern evolution of law firm practice?
4) How can law librarians in different types of libraries help each other adapt to changes in the profession?

Interested in knowing the answers? Check-out our notes and allow the elucidations fill you up.

AALL Future of Law Librarians Summit: Keynote

By , November 3, 2011 12:05 pm

by Philippe Cloutier

The Futures Summit has commenced, check out the tweets via #AALLFS.

AALL President Darcy Kirk opened up the Summit in Oak Brook, IL and quickly detailed our goal for the next 24 hours: develop a plan for the future of law librarians. Keynote speaker Andrew Hines is currently on the stage deconstructing values, work product, social expectations, organizational shifts, and consumer preferences. While the details seem pedantic they are absolutely necessary in breaking down and understanding our associations, librarians, patrons, students, attorneys, etc. Continue reading 'AALL Future of Law Librarians Summit: Keynote'»

Talkin’ ‘bout my generation!

By , July 12, 2011 10:29 am

by Robyn Hagle

Don’t go looking up the lyrics for this song and think I’m trying to diss on anyone!  It’s not about you; it’s about US and our future!

I recently accepted an assignment to serve on the AALL Futures Summit Planning Special Committee.  The committee has been tasked with developing an agenda for and planning a Futures Summit to be held in Chicago in early November.  The Futures Summit, which will be by invitation, will bring together newer and more seasoned members to discuss ways to engage, encourage and prepare new member law librarians for their future as the next leaders of the association and the profession.   As the more seasoned generation of member law librarians prepares to retire, issues around communication, participation, and understanding of newer members will be critical to a healthy transition and the future of our association. Continue reading 'Talkin’ ‘bout my generation!'»

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