iSchool Liaison

The University of Washington Library School Liaison Committee maintains contact with the administration and students at the UW iSchool (formerly the School of Library and Information Science) and proposes activities to promote the profession of law librarianship among library students.


The Library School Liaison Committee will keep LLOPS members informed of new developments at the iSchool.

The UW iSchool

The University of Washington iSchool, established in 1911, is the oldest library school west of the Mississippi. Accredited continuously by the American Library Association since 1926, the School has maintained a proud tradition of training professionals in librarianship.

Law Librarianship and the iSchool

The Law Librarianship Program established at the University of Washington in 1939 was the first of its kind. Today, UW stands as one of only three library schools in the nation to offer more than one or two courses related specifically to law librarianship. The UW law librarianship program was ranked number one for the fifth year in a row by U.S. News and World Report in 2009.

The Law Librarianship Program is intended to train lawyers to become law librarians. Law librarianship courses are open to library students, as well. In fact, less than a third of all law librarians possess both JD and MLIS degrees. Because the classes are taught sequentially, interested MLIS students are urged to enroll at the beginning of the sequence, starting in the autumn quarter.

LLOPS and the iSchool

As an important part of its mission, LLOPS continues to sponsor a number of events and activities designed to promote the profession of law librarianship among UW library students and to encourage mentoring relationships between interested students and LLOPS members.

The future of our profession lies in the hands of today’s students. If you have ideas for additional activities that will forward the profession among the library students at the University of Washington, please contact us.

The University of Washington
Library School Liaison Committee

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