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The Government Relations Committee monitors pending Washington State legislation, citizen referenda, and judicial review of laws affecting law libraries. Briefs membership on information issues.

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Washington Legal Inventory

It is AALL policy that the public have no-fee, permanent public access to authentic online legal information on government Web sites. In addition, AALL believes that government information, including the text of all primary legal materials, must be in the public domain and available without restriction. AALL Government Relations Policy.

The Washington Legal Inventory is our contribution to the development of the national inventory of primary legal resources at every level of government.

Once we have data for all fifty states, D.C. and the Federal government, the results will be analyzed and used as needed by experts who will be working with, the Law Library of Congress and our AALL public policy committees.

For more specific information please contact Tina Ching (Seattle University Law School),, or Kay Newman (Washington State Law Library), Or see the Washington Legal Inventory site for more information. Many thanks to Tina & Kay for leading this effort and thanks to the other dedicated volunteers who have helped build the inventory!


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