By , March 25, 2010 4:24 pm

by Erin Hoffrance
It may not be the world’s smallest library, but picture  a donkey as a bookmobile, or biblioburro as it is called. I stumbled upon this CNN article while reading Law Firm Bottom Line. The man in the story, Luis Soriano, rides his donkey around rural parts of Columbia bringing books to children. Many of the children in this region would have to travel a long way to retrieve books from school, so Soriano takes to his donkey and offers a bookmobile-like service.  In addition to books, Soriano provides homework help for the kids. A man whose children benefit from this service is quoted as saying ‘You can just see that the kids are excited when they see the biblioburro coming this way. It makes them happy that he continues to come […]. For us, his program complements what the children learn in school.’

I don’t see myself delivering books by burro around Seattle, but a Segway might work!

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