LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/12/2009

By , November 20, 2009 9:15 am


Attendees: Robyn Hagle, Mort Brinchmann, Christy Leith, and Tina Ching.
Perkins Coie, Seattle WA
The meeting was called to order at 9:03am by President Hagle.

1. LLOPS Lifetime Members
In the past, the LLOPS Board has honored former members with a Lifetime Membership.  However, “lifetime member” is not defined in the LLOPS bylaws or handbook.  The Board recommends describing a “lifetime member” as an inactive member who in the past has made significant contributions to LLOPS.  The language will be updated in the Handbook.  The Board will review nominations after the Handbook has been updated.

2. LLOPSCited and Bylaws Change
Due to the format change of LLOPSCited from a newsletter to blog, the bylaws committee was asked to review the bylaws to see if any language needed to be changed.  Rick Stroup, chair of the bylaws committee, reported that the format change from newsletter to blog did not necessitate a change in the bylaws.  He recommended that the committee wait until the bylaws needed to be changed in the future and then reconsider the issue of changing the term newsletter to something else.  The Board agreed with his recommendation.

3. Handbook Changes
Potential changes to the handbook re: LLOPSCited committee and the website committees will be revisited when the Board has determined how to proceed with the website and blog.

4. Outreach Committee Project with Heller Collection
The Board discussed whether to pay for shipping of the Heller collection.  The Board members agreed that the outreach committee should use its discretion re: LLOPS paying for shipping costs.

5. Facebook
The Board discussed starting a LLOPS fan page.  There is currently a LLOPS facebook group that is not currently being maintained.  There was discussion of which committee will be responsible for the page to ensure that it is up-to-date and maintained.  President Hagle will proceed with developing the page.

6. Website and LLOPSCited Committee
The Board discussed the possibility of creating a joint website and blog committee.  This committee would be responsible for the maintenance of the LLOPS web presence including the website, blog and Facebook pages.  The Board will continue to discuss this possibility at their next meeting.

7. Government Relations
Laurie Miller and Lori Fossum will forward to the Board a position paper on major issues relevant to law librarians.  This paper is modeled after one developed by the Southern New England Law Librarians’ Association (SNELLA).  President Hagle will follow up with AALL Board Member and former LLOPS Government Relations chair Marcus Hochstetler to determine if creating chapter specific position papers on these topics is being encouraged by AALL.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:16am.
Respectfully submitted by Tina S. Ching, LLOPS Secretary.

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