LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 1/30/2013

By , June 10, 2013 2:45 pm

Attendees: Jennifer Hill, Crystal Norton, Kim Ositis, Bret Masterson, Erin Hoffrance, Karen Helde, Barbara Rothwell, Brenna Louzin, Kristine Lloyd, Catherine Horan, Anna Endter, Stina McClintock, Mort Brinchmann and others.

Location: Riddell Williams, 1001 Fourth Ave., Seattle, Washington.

Time: The business meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Hill at 12:02 p.m.

The meeting began with reports from officers:

  1. President Jennifer Hill reported that LLOPS is still seeking members for some committees, including Program, Nominations, and U.W. Information School Liaison. She announced that AALL President Jean Wenger will be attending the May 29th chapter meeting.
  2. Reporting for Treasurer Stephanie Wilson, Jennifer Hill presented an update on the chapter’s finances. As of the end of December 2012, LLOPS had $21,920 in total assets.

Committee updates were presented:

  1. Bylaws: not reported.
  2. Employment: Karen Helde reported that three jobs were posted in 2012, and that there are currently three resumes on file with LLOPS.
  3. Government Relations: Anna Endter reported that there is nothing currently pending of particular interest.
  4. Grants: Erin Hoffrance reported that the committee has $2500 to award for grants to attend this year’s AALL annual meeting. The application form is posted on the chapter website.
  5. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported that the chapter has 132 current members.
  6. Newsletter/Blog: not reported.
  7. Nominations and Elections: Karen Helde reported that the committee will start looking for candidates for Treasurer and Vice President/President-Elect in February.
  8. Professional Development: not reported.
  9. Program: Brenna Louzin described upcoming programs, including a presentation on business development tools and a LinkedIn program to be presented by Warner Miller.
  10. Salary Survey: not reported.
  11. Social: Mort Brinchmann reported that recent social gatherings have been well-received.
  12. U.W. Information School Liaison: no report.


  1. Kim Ositis is continuing work on the Local Arrangements Committee website for this year’s AALL annual meeting, and expects it to go live on Friday. The site is designed to be more conversational, rather than a set of PDF files.
  2. Kristine Lloyd announced that Katy Drake has joined the library team at K&L Gates.
  3. Kim Ositis noted that most fees at King County Law Library will be going up on February 1, 2013. Also, all phone numbers at KCLL will be changing sometime in March or April.
  4. Jennifer Hill said that she would like the chapter to have a table at the AALL annual meeting and asked members to consider assisting with this.

Open discussion:

Members discussed the ALA Midwinter meeting. Kim Ositis offered to present her program on skip tracing to any interested firms.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 12:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Bret Masterson, Secretary.


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