LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 10/30/2013

By , June 10, 2013 3:17 pm

Attendees: Kim Ositis (President), Jennifer Hill (Past President), Philippe Cloutier (Vice President/President Elect), Laurel Evans (Treasurer), Bret Masterson (Secretary), Stephanie Wilson (Past Treasurer).

Location: Foster Pepper, Seattle, Washington.

Time: The meeting was called to order by President Kim Ositis at 1:05 p.m.

The minutes of the 8/28/13 Board meeting, as corrected, were approved by consensus.

The LLOPS financial report was presented and approved by consent.

The following additional items were discussed:

1. Updates from the President

Kim provided updates on a number of matters that been discussed at recent meeting.

–          Anna Endter has accepted the position of chair of the Membership Committee.

–          The Website Management Special Committee has launched and expects to present its report on potential solutions for moving membership information and dues payments to a web-based system by the June 2014 Board meeting.

–          Jennifer Hill, Kim Ositis, and Laurel Evans have been set up as signatories for the LLOPS checking account.

–          Kim has requested a AALL chapter visit.

–          The chapter’s Form 990 filing has been completed

2. 2013-14 Budget

The Board discussed the chapter’s budget for the current fiscal year. The final budget will depend on whether the chapter presents a professional development workshop this year. Although some individuals have offered to participate on the Professional Development Committee, so far no member has volunteered to chair it. Philippe offered to reach out to some potential candidates, on the understanding that if no committee chair is found within the next week, the chapter will not stage a professional development workshop in 2014.

3. Nominations for Lifetime Memberships

The Board approved a motion to grant lifetime memberships to Barbara Holt, Ellen Bowman, Dianne George, and Bridget Dacres. These individuals will be honored during the holiday party.

4. AALL Leadership Academy

The Board discussed providing support for any chapter member who is accepted in the AALL Leadership Academy. The Board agreed to add a $500 grant for participation in the Leadership Academy to the charge of the Grant Committee. Kim will communicate this to the committee chair.

5. Additional Business

There was no unfinished business or new business to discuss.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Bret Masterson, Secretary.


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