LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 6/27/2012

By , June 10, 2013 2:35 pm

Attendees: Crystal Sherman Norton, Jennifer Hill, Mort Brinchmann, Karen Helde, Barbara Rothwell, Philippe Cloutier, Barbara Swatt Engstrom, Erin Hoffrance, Barbara Cornwell Holt, Susan Rau, Bridget Dacres, Bret Masterson, Amy Eaton, Kristine Lloyd, Emily Smith, Brenna Louzin, Christy Leith, Kim Ositis, Eli Edwards, Jill Allyn, Anna Endter, Carolyn Pietala, and others.

Where: Perkins Coie, 1201 Third Ave., Suite 4900, Seattle, WA

Time: Noon

The business meeting was called to order by President Crystal Norton. Minutes of the last meeting were approved and posted to the LLOPS web site. Introductions given and musical talents discovered. The following items were discussed:

Committee reports were given. (NOTE: for full Committee reports, see LLOPS website)

1. Bylaws: not reported
2. Discussion List Monitor: not reported
3. Employment: Karen Helde reported that 16 job announcements had been posted (10 MLIS and 6 paraprofessional and nonlibrary) as well as one volunteer position. There is one active resume on file.
4. Government Relations: Sherry Leysen reported via email (abbreviated here) as follows: The Washington Supreme Court adopted a Limited License Legal Technician Rule in June 15. I’ve also been keeping an eye on new AALL action alerts.
5. Grants: Bridget Dacres reported good support from the LLOPS board this year. AALL conference registration funding was offered to three UW law librarianship students and full funding for early bird registration was offered to Karen Helde.
6. iSchool Liaison: not reported
7. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported a current total of 134 members and that 51 renewals had been received for 2012-13.
8. Newsletter/Blog: Philippe Cloutier reported that blog postings remained steady. The website had just begun using Google Analytics, which showed 627 visits during the last month with an average duration per visit of 1 minute 39 seconds.
9. Nominations & Elections: Karen Helde reported that the committee succeeded in locating 2 candidates for two positions: Vice President/President Elect – Kim Ositis, and Secretary, Bret Masterson. The election was conducted via electronic balloting. Eighty-five LLOPS members voted and the results were announced to the membership.
10. Professional Development: Kerry Fitz-Gerald reported via email that the Professional Development Workshop, held March 14, 2012 at Seattle University, had 35 attendees and received strong positive reviews. The committee is considering offering a short half day program for 2013 since the AALL Annual Meeting will be held in Seattle next year. They intend to do a survey to determine what would work best for everyone.
11. Program: Barbara Swatt-Engstrom reviewed the programs offered during the past year.
12. Salary Survey: Christy Leith noted that this year’s salary survey reflected 1/3 participation and she hoped for improved participation on future surveys.
13. Social: Jennifer Hill thanked Mort Brinchmann for his work on the social events for the past year and noted Stina McClintock will take over as committee chair.
14. Webmaster: Kim Ositis reiterated Philippe’s comments and reported that a new widget had been installed on the website that would highlight an individual upcoming event. Kim also noted the board needed to discuss renewal options for website hosting.
15. A Treasurer’s Report came in at the last minute: Stephanie Wilson, LLOPS Treasurer reported that we ended the fiscal year with assets of $21,743. A summary will be posted to the LLOPS website.

Presentation of Awards
Special Recognition Awards were presented to Kristine Lloyd and Philippe Cloutier for their work in making the blog a success.
The President’s Award for Excellence went to Barbara Swatt-Engstrom for creating outstanding programming for the monthly meetings.

Executive Board
Crystal thanked and bid farewell to outgoing Executive Board members Judy Davis and Mort Brinchmann and welcomed new board members Bret Masterson, incoming Secretary, and Kim Ositis, incoming VP/President Elect. Crystal offered a lop ear rabbit stuffed animal as the new LLOPS mascot and presented it to incoming president, Jennifer Hill, to whom she turned over the meeting. Jennifer thanked everyone and adjourned the meeting, and cake was served to celebrate LLOPS’ birthday.



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