Nominations and Elections

By , February 14, 2013 10:04 am

The LLOPS Nominations and Elections Committee is looking for candidates interested in becoming the future President and future Treasurer of LLOPS.  Serving on the LLOPS Board is a great experience.  As a Board member you will make an important contribution to LLOPS and have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people.

Serving as President involves a three year commitment.  The first year is spent as Vice-President/President Elect.  You will attend Board meetings, be a member of the Programs Committee, and generally learn the ropes.   The second year is your year as President.  As President you will set the agenda for LLOPS, preside at LLOPS business meetings and Executive Board meetings, appoint volunteers to committees, and represent LLOPS at Chapter Leadership training at the AALL Annual Meeting.  As Past-President you will attend Board meetings in an advisory capacity.

Serving as LLOPS Treasurer is a two year commitment.  As Treasurer you will play an important part as a member of the Executive Board.  Responsibilities include attending LLOPS business meetings and Board meetings, managing and keeping records of Chapter financial transactions, and preparing financial reports.

Additional information about both positions is available in the LLOPS Chapter Handbook.

We know the future leaders of LLOPS are out there.  Please give it some thought.  Volunteers and nominations will be enthusiastically accepted by any member of the Nominations and Elections Committee (Karen Helde or Erin Hoffrance).  If you have any questions about holding office, please let us know.

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