Take a Stance: AALL Bylaws

By , October 8, 2012 10:52 am

The polls are open for a proposed amendment change to the AALL Bylaws. Ken Hirsh at Ipso Facto sums it up:

The most controversial of these is to expand the definition of active membership to include anyone who is interested in the objectives of the association. If adopted by the membership, this would allow those employed at information vendors and other non-library/non-information center settings to serve on the executive board.

Not to be missed, there is a FAQ page and healthy conversation (with links to other blog posts) for further clarification and specifics. While it is for the individual member to decide and rare for LLOPS to take an official stance on matters such as this; we have decided to take an official and perhaps unprecedented position. 

After heavy deliberations and round-the-clock debates LLOPS raises the banner, to ensure the glory of our wonderful organization, in which members vote and consider the facts at hand. That’s right LLOPS wants AALL members to vote. We know citizens often disregard voting altogether and our stance may be seen as pure bravado and watonly contentious, but by gum, we stand by it! Go vote!

Vote on the Proposed Amendments to the AALL Bylaws

Polls are now open to vote on the proposed bylaws amendments that were approved at the July 2012 AALL Executive Board meeting. Online voting is fast and easy, and polls are open until 11:59 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, October 30.

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