LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 4/30/2012

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LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 30, 2012

 Attendees: Crystal Norton (President), Mort Brinchmann (Past President), Jennifer Hill (Vice President/President Elect), Stephanie Wilson (Treasurer). Absent was Judy Davis (Secretary).

Location: Riddell Williams,Seattle,Washington

Time: The meeting was called to order by President Crystal Norton at 9:10 a.m.

The following items were discussed:

1. Awards & Gifts

Crystalbrought up the LLOPS Excellence Award and she and the board discussed potential candidates.Crystalwill choose someone and will present the award at the June Business Meeting.

2. AALL Visit

Ron Wheeler, AALL Executive Board member, will visit LLOPS on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. Barbara Swatt Engstrom will be Ron’s official host while he is here and will coordinate his schedule and library visits. The board discussed locations for dinner with Ron as well as happy hour locations. Ron will attend the LLOPS meeting on May 30 and will give the chapter an AALL update and will present on WestlawNext and Lexis Advance. The meeting will be held at the Nakamura Courthouse,1010 5th Avenue,Seattle.

3. Spring Professional Development Workshop

There was a discussion about whether LLOPS should consider shelving or scaling down the workshop in 2013 due to the AALL meeting that will be held inSeattle. Many LLOPS members are helping with local arrangements and are otherwise committed for the year so finding LLOPS committee volunteers may prove difficult. Also, members may be planning to attend AALL and might not be able to attend a LLOPS workshop and the meeting. The board decided that a shorter, half-day program might be a good option for 2013. This past February a representative of the Washington Coalition for Open Government inquired about presenting a half-day program for LLOPS on accessing public records inWashingtonstate. The board thought that if that option were still available next year (or something in the same vein—a short program on one topic) and if the cost was not prohibitive then perhaps LLOPS could go that route. The Program Committee may be able to handle this, potentially removing the need to form a Professional Development Committee for 2013. An afternoon program with a social hour afterward, similar to the LLOPS special program that was held in March 2010, might be popular.

4. LLOPS Blog

The board discussed an email from Blog committee chair Philippe Cloutier regarding the future of the blog. Philippe expressed his concern for the blog because blog committee members will not be able to continue on in the future due to other commitments and that it has been a struggle to find blog contributors. He made some suggestions for the blog including the possibility of changing it to be more of a feed style blog like the Pacific Northwest chapter ofSLA’s blog. The blog committee’s current goal is to have one or two new posts per week and without active contributors that goal is hard to attain. The board decided that one or two blog posts per month would be acceptable and that Crystal or Jennifer would discuss with Philippe.

5. LLOPS Business Meeting

The LLOPS Business Meeting will be at Noon on June 27, 2012 at Perkins Coie. Dessert will be served.

6. AALL Chapter VIP Program

The board discussed the possibility of participating in the AALL Chapter VIP program and decided against it.

7. Treasurer–Need Financial Software for Bookkeeping

Stephanie reported that during AALL chapter treasurer training it was recommended that chapters adopt financial software such as Quicken and that chapters not depend on spreadsheets. LLOPS currently uses Excel for bookkeeping. Stephanie recommended that LLOPS purchase Quicken software and she stated that she would be willing to spearhead the process and make the changeover. The board agreed with Stephanie’s recommendation.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:51 a.m.

Respectively submitted by Jennifer Hill, Vice President/President Elect, in the absence of Judy Davis, Secretary.

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