The Tweeting Library

By , June 6, 2012 10:41 am

by Kristine Lloyd

After listening to Kevin O’Keefe talk about social networking at the 2010Professional Development Workshop, I was so inspired to start tweeting that I immediately signed up for a Twitter account. Save for a few tweets about my footwear extravagances, my warbling has been fairly limited. I keep waiting for some Jack Handy-inspired koans worth sharing with the world.

Twitter is both a marketing tool and a communication device, and most businesses are taking advantage of the marketing outreach. According to statistics published early in 2012, 59% of businesses are set up with a Twitter account

It seems to be de rigueur to have an institutional account these days. From a library perspective, there are plenty of academic and public libraries tweeting, but until recently, I had not heard of any private law libraries tweeting. Three Geeks just reported that the Bryan Cave Library is tweeting, and they aren’t the only law firm library out there sharing wisdom and knowledge. In fact, there is a small contingent of law firm libraries tweeting. I suspect that the majority of law firm libraries are not tweeting because of firm policies on social media. The librarians at Bryan Cave report that their tweets are not pre-approved by the firm.

I recently signed up to follow Bryan Cave and the tone of their posts is what I find most interesting. The tweets are fairly casual and occasionally personalized with mentions of kids, cats and Colt 45; which I must admit lends a friendly and welcoming vibe to the feed. Reading the posts makes me wish I could start a feed for our library, especially so we can better connect with our young and hip summer associates.While I would love to see a Twitter feed that could be restricted to internal patrons, I’m not convinced of the need to market our library outside of our institution. On the other hand, perhaps the administrators at Bryan Cave are astute enough to realize that their library’s marketing efforts could actually bring business to the firm. Now that would be brilliant.

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