A Morning Cup of Librarian

By , May 10, 2012 9:11 am

by Kristine Lloyd

Nothing says morning better than a cup of Librarian’s Blend coffee, brought to you by the fine folks of Intelligentsia Coffee:

The Librarian’s Blend is named for that person who always told you to keep quiet when you were studying. This blend is representative of the soul of the librarian: steady, reassuring, and always there with that slight edge of eccentricity. It has a bold base with a bit of sparkle. Here’s to good reading.

What baffles me is that it’s decaf. Why would I want decaf when I need to fortify myself to forcefully shush patrons, stamp books with fervor and patrol the stacks for perverts? Honestly, I think the Honey Badger Espresso sounds a bit more apt for our feisty clan:

Honey Badger’s reincarnation is true to the original’s form: assertive and acidic, with excessive sweetness and a syrupy body. Complex, citric, zesty, and well-rounded, this blend is both versatile and exciting, with much to offer both the home user and the ambitious barista.


*editor’s note: If you’re looking for the best coffee downtown check-out Monorail Espresso (cash only). They regularly fuel a number of librarians.

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