LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes 1/25/2012

By , March 20, 2012 11:39 am

LLOPS Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Crystal Sherman Norton, Jennifer Hill, Stephanie Wilson, Mort Brinchmann, Judy Davis, Karen Helde, Barbara Rothwell, Philippe Cloutier, Kerry FitzGerald, Barbara Swatt-Engstrom, Tina Ching, Robyn Hagle, Eli Edwards, Erin Hoffrance, Holly Gale, Barbara Holt, and others.

Where: Lane Powell, 1420 Fifth Ave., Seattle, WA

Time: Noon

The business meeting was called to order by President Crystal Norton. Committee reports were given. Full committee reports are filed by committee chairs and posted on the LLOPS blog.

  1. Treasurer Stephanie Wilson reported a balance of $16,935.
  2. Bylaws: not reported
  3. Employment: Karen Helde reported the year was a quiet one with 8 job postings.
  4. Government relations: Judy Davis reporting for Sherry Leysen mentioned current news from the AALL Government Relations Advocacy Center and two bills in the Washington State Legislature transferring the both the State Library and the State Law Library to the University of Washington.
  5. Grants: not reported
  6. Membership: Barbara Rothwell reported a current total of 128 members, including 10 new members. Discussion of involving new members ensued.
  7. Newsletter/Blog: Philippe Cloutier thanked those who worked on and posted on the blog to make it a success.
  8. Nominations & elections: Karen Helde reported that Jonathan Franklin and Connelly Johnson would be helping to find candidates for Vice President and Secretary.
  9. Professional development: Kerry FitzGerald noted that the Annual Spring Workshop is scheduled for March 14, 2012 at Seattle University. Theme is “Moving Ahead When There’s No Money in the Budget”.
  10. Program: Barbara Swatt-Engstrom reported on the upcoming visit of Ron Wheeler, our AALL visitor who is Director of the U of San Francisco Law School.
  11. Salary survey: Christy Leith noted that the survey would be posted January 30, 2012.
  12. Social: Jennifer Hill noted the social events of the year including the October social hour at Rock Bottom Brewery and the upcoming King County Bar Fun Run.
  13. I-School Liaison: Sue Castelin sent a report via email.

After the business meeting a draft report from the Futures Summit was distributed. Robyn Hagle, Philippe Cloutier, and Tina Ching discussed the AALL Futures Summit and presented the report.


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