LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 10/4/2011

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LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2011 

Attendees:  Crystal Sherman Norton (President), Mort Brinchmann (Past-President), Jennifer Hill (Vice President/President Elect), Stephanie Wilson (Treasurer).  Absent was Judy Davis (Secretary).

Held at:  Riddell Williams, Seattle, WA

Time:  The meeting was called to order by President Crystal Norton at 9:35 a.m.

The following items were discussed:

 1.   LLOPS budget for 2011-2012.  We don’t exactly set a budget each year, but devise guidelines for various committees/groups.   Crystal suggested that the Board give more financial support to the V.P./Pres. Elect to attend the AALL Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Training that precedes it.  The Board decided that giving the Grants Committee more money for this purpose is not the answer, but that if the V.P./Pres. Elect needs more funds, s/he may ask the Board for it.  This year we’ve earmarked the following for use in 2011-2012:

$1500    Grants Committee
$3000    Professional Development Committee
$600      Programs Committee
$600      Social Committee

 2.   Holiday Party 2011.  We are looking at doing something different this year as our vendor funding has been reduced.  We will most likely hold the party at one of the downtown law firms (Christy Leith has offered to host at Davis Wright Tremaine) and have it catered, possibly purchasing the beer & wine ourselves.  Jennifer is working with the vendor to get various bids.  She suggested that the Board start thinking about funding for the holiday party earlier in the year next year, perhaps in the spring.

 3.  AALL Chapter Visitor Program.  This year we will request Ron Wheeler, Director of Dorraine Zief Law Library at the University of San Francisco, to visit LLOPS during our May meeting.  The Program Committee would like him to participate in the program, which tentatively will be a discussion on  WestlawNext & Lexis Advance.    Crystal and Jennifer will work on making the request to AALL headquarters.

 4.  Chapter Website Copyright Statement and LLOPS Discussion Forum Rules.  The Board reviewed these two sample documents that AALL sent for us to adopt or adapt.  While the Board approved the web copyright statement and release, some of the wording in the discussion forum rules and conditions didn’t look quite right.  Crystal will revise the rules & conditions then send to the Board for approval.  Before the rules are officially adopted, Crystal will post a notice to the membership (Listserv and/or Blog) to make them aware of the changes to be made.  Beth Morey is the current moderator of the listserv.

5.  LLOPS Financial matter.  The Certificate of Deposit that we currently hold matures August 12, 2012.  The Board will review the status at its Spring Board meeting, to decide whether to renew it or deposit into our bank account.

 6. LLOPS Letterhead/Logo.  Robyn sent Mort our current version, but none are keepers.  We discussed the non-urgency of rectifying the situation, and decided that perhaps it could wait until we see what AALL comes up with for the 2013 Seattle meeting, and that we could perhaps adopt it.

 7.  The Nonprofit Corporation Annual Report.  To be filed with the Wash. Secy of State’s office by the President & Treasurer, due in March of 2012.

 8.  Chapter Liability Insurance.  We purchase this each year, and will do so again this year.  AALL headquarters must receive our check before October 20, 2011.  Crystal and Stephanie will handle.

 9.  Chapter Annual Report.  This report is filed in August by the immediate Past President.  Mort took care of filing the 2010-2011 report in August of this year.  Crystal is responsible for filing the 2011-2012 report in August of 2012.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Crystal S. Norton, LLOPS President, in the absence of Judy Davis, Secretary.


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